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Youth Baseball League Template
Traditional Beliefs and Myths

Your youth baseball league is a product of the adults that are supervising and operating the league.

The mindset, approach and philosophy is put in place by the adult youth baseball league administrators, coaches, parents and leadership.

  • The health of the league should be measured not on wins and All-stars but on how many players are reaching the high school teams.
  • How are you running your league?
  • How healthy is your league or travel ball team?
  • How many kids are dropping out at age 12? Age 13? Age 14?
  • Are you really serving kids or are you feeding the traditional major league baseball model?

Important Topics 

Baseball Success Includes Losing Games

Practice More & Play Less Games

Vital Role of the Board of Directors

Is Player Development a Priority?

Tee Ball Checklist

Baby Steps With Tee-Ball

8U Baseball (7 & 8 year olds)

10U Baseball (9 &10 year olds)

11 & 12 Year Olds

13 & 14 Year Olds--the BIG JUMP

All Important Coaching Approach

 ALL-STARS (my solution to make if Better!)

Lower Levels for High School Baseball

My Letter to Parents

Losing is Embarrassing...But Essential

Yes it is ok to to lose some ballgames. It's healthy and part of the process. Baseball success helps you understand the role of losing games in the developmental process. 

See How Baseball Success utilizes Losing Games

You Better Be Able to Make a Fun Baseball Practice

The #1 goal for your coaches is to practice as much or more than playing ball games. Neglecting fun baseball practice is cheating your players. 

Check out how to use my easy 3- Team- Practice Format

Admin, Board, Directors & Parents
You Set the Tone

Few if any adults are properly trained in running a youth basball league. It is an emormous task.

To stand your ground can be daunting and difficult. It can be very difficult to break from traditional beliefs and ways of doing business.

The traditional major league baseball philosphy that overshadows youth baseball is a tough nut to crack. Here are some ideas for league administrators.

Player Development Trumps _____

We all like to win. Winning is great feeling. Winning alone will not get the job done. Severe damage and career ending problems occur when skill development is put on the back burner. 

Get your mind around your priorities.

How to Run Your League T-Ball

Kids just want to play. You know, the way kids play. But no, we have to get them uniforms, make an all-star team and win championships--right adults?

Come on--it is not that serious. Let the kids play....tee-ball system. and bat left handed. Tee Ball Coach & parents Checklist

Creating Your Baseball
Coaching Approach with 8U

Touch the baseball: The kids need to catch it, throw it and swing at it. If you can maximize the baseball touches you are on your way.

How to make sure the kids get their reps in.

9 & 10s Where The Kids
Start Really Playing

Develop pitching, swinging the bat (no bunting?), pre-game practice (yes it is a one hour practice), and keep winning in perspective. Your approach to 9 & 10 year old baseball.

Don't Be Decieved at the
12U Age Level

Often in a youth baseball league the 11 & especially 12 years old will apprear to on a fast track to the major leagues or college division 1 scholarship.

Slow the truck down!

You have not even left town yet with the monster beast lurking in the very large baseball fields waiting to devour the best of the best as soon as we turn 13.

You better have a solid package of good techniques, athleticism and patience to make it through the guantlet.

The BIG JUMP at Age 13

This is where a youth league baseball player will usually sink or swim. Most of them sink as 75% of ball players are out of the game by age 14.

This age requires an unique set of player development parameters. A difficult if not impossible age to grind through in baseball.

How to last through the early teenage baseball years.

Dynamic Baseball Coaching Approach

If baseball kids do not learn proper technique it will be difficult if not impossible to ever play in high school baseball. In fact, once the kids leave age 12U the game will be really difficult even for the best athletes.

Come and see how I look at coaching baseball at the youth levels.

The All-Stars Paradigm
Not Going Away

All-Stars in a youth baseball league is real problem. Rarely does much good ever come out of league all-stars. I have some simple ways to improve baseball league all stars rosters.

We Made it to High School Baseball

This is quite an accomplishment to play high school baseball. This is still a level for player development.

You are now the AAA team for the high school varsity. How to run your Frosh and JV baseball teams.

My Letter to Parents

My coaches letter to my player's parents. Educating the parents sets the stage for how you are going to approach coaching baseball. The parents have to at least know where you are coming from. My letter to baseball parents.

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