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The 'All New' Alternative for
Youth Baseball

Step Off the 'Merry Go Round' of Rec Ball and Travel Ball and Jump Into the New "Must-Have" Baseball Development System

Baseball Coaching Strategy Meter:

What level of enjoyment do your players have?

Are you considered part of the problem?

How much joy are your bringing to your players and families?

  • Are you ready to raise the enjoyment level in your youth baseball?
  • Think youth baseball is pretty crazy?

Why not try a brand new player development system?

Are you sure there is not a better way than rec ball and travel ball?

  • Is there a better system that we have never tried?

We are responsible to help our kids get better. That means we have to seek ways to improve our own coaching methods.

You know that the current rec ball leagues and travel ball tournaments is a little out of whack.

Why not try to see what this is all about?

“Coaches serve at the pleasure of their players, so they have an OBLIGATION to seek knowledge and to test new information.”

Adam Newland; Inside Pitch Magazine / Spring 2017 .

It is our responsibility to seek opportunities to make youth

baseball more enjoyable to the players.

I Will Be Right Next to You

You Have Personal Coaching Access 

The Hardest Challenge?

Convincing Parents on Player Development

Yes, I will be dogging you every step of the way. As coachies, we are obligated to seek professional development as a duty to our players.

I am going to make sure you get your money's worth and you complete the course. 

I am your personal tutor. 

Yes, we are doing this together.

Turn Key: Everything will be given to easily put your new system into action and watch the kids enjoyment level jump through the roof

How to Provide Players With More Enjoyment


'Coaches Need Coaching'

'5 Steps to Ultimate Baseball Coaching Excellence'

No one wants to admit they don't know everything. We all want to come across like

"I got this"  "I know what I'm doing"

Wait a minute. No one knows everything. 

  • Yes, if you really want  a true, better experience for your players and parents then you are the perfect coach for this system.
  • Coaches Need Coaching

Most youth baseball coaches will not admit they need a little help. 

It's OK. Nothing wrong with 'sharpening the saw' a little.

Who Benefits: Just your players...

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 '5 Steps to Ultimate Baseball Coaching Excellence'

Want to attract and keep your players?

  • Let's face it, players and families want to be with coaches with the "Whole Package"
  • People want to be treated with respect, learn how to play, get better, win some games, and be a part of a 'team' and raise 

Do baseball parents and grandparents have full confidence in your baseball coaching strategy?

Way More Than Baseball IQ

Becoming a 'Complete Coach'

Start today...

'5 Steps to Ultimate Baseball Coaching Excellence'

Nowhere online is there a training option for youth baseball coaches like this.

  • Becoming a complete baseball coach takes just a bit of time and polish (and the right information)
  • Just because you played the game doesn't put us auto pilot. 

Nobody trains baseball coaches to be a 'Complete Coach'.

  • We are mainly on our own to search online, or drop back to our youth days, or copy your peers.

Be one of the top coaches in your area and find out ways to bring the Joy back to youth baseball.

How Much Are You Going to Take Before We Realize What We are Doing Is Not In the Best Interests of Kids?

"Baseball is Our Vehicle to Teach More than the Game"

  • How is your communication skills? You will get a ton of instruction on a wide range of coaching communication techniques.

Can you manage a classroom? Your survival depends on getting this right. This alone might save your hide. 

  • Baseball Knowledge: Need some indeed, but it goes way deeper than being a 'baseball expert'

Can you teach? Who was your favorite teacher growing up? You want kids to buy into what you are peddling and there are techniques to do it. 

"The best coaches are the ones who can give correction with causing resentment" John Wooden

  • What are your practices like? Nothing that drives kids to soccer faster than lousy use of practice time. You will be a master as a baseball practice coach.

Practice is your 'time to shine'. You will get Big time help here for you and watch your practices elevate the 'Fun-Level'

  • High School Baseball Funnel: You will know what it takes to help kids be prepared to reach the high school teams. 

Player Development: Baseball is a 10-year journey from age 6-15. Find out what it will take to develop kids to reach the post-puberty 60/90' ball fields.

  • Intangibles: These are what separates the top coaches from the rest. You will be able to mold kids into life long quality citizens using the game of baseball.

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“In addition to regular analysis of their standard coaching points, coaches should continue to seek opportunities for professional development.

Sadly, coaching is one of the few professions that does not require professional development for a large portion of practitioners.

People who consider themselves to be serious practitioners in the coaching profession do their players and programs a significant disservice when they fail to seek professional development opportunities.”

Adam Newland; Inside Pitch Magazine/ Spring 2017 .

See Our Philosophy & Approach

Brand New Alternative

Rules & Procedures

Top baseball coaches have their act together and know who they are.

  • Winning and Losing: You will be able to recite your outlook on the balancing winning and losing without compromising your ethics and morals.

Major Player Developer: Will be able to stand strong and communicate to parents the importance of developing players with high character and skills improvement.

  • Prepping for High School: Will know what players will need to do to survive baseball until age 15. 

Failure Management: Top coaches will understand the best methods to help kids maneuver through the games emotional ups and downs. 

How to Develop Hitters Long Term: Know how to build a culture of hitting. Kids better be able to hit or it's game over.

  • How to Develop an Endless Supply of Pitching: Find out how to build a pipeline of pitching at all ages. 

How to coach In-Games: Big time tips and methods to help you get better production from you kids during games. (Much different than you think).

  • Know when to stay out of the players way.

How to Increase baseball 'touches'. Incredible simple ways to conduct high effective baseball practices. 

  • Best ways to get parents to buy in and stay with you: You will have a philosophy and approach that can easily be expressed to your players parents. 

Drills, Line-ups, Positions and Signs

Ready for a Brand New System

Take the course...It is a
'Turn Key' System

'5 Steps to Ultimate Baseball Coaching Excellence'

You will...

Get My 5 favorite drills. I use these 80%-90% of the time.

  • My methods writing a line-up ( might be surprised here).

Positions: Very important to know my approach on positions. Has huge long term implications on a kids chance to play high school baseball.

Baseball Signs: (Might be surprised here too).

Ready to Change Youth Baseball?

It is time to Take a Stand and Stop Taking Out Kids Enjoyment

Coaching Course...

'5 Steps to Ultimate Baseball Coaching Excellence'

'BASIC' Coaching Course ($97) 

Includes: 5 Course units comprised of short teaching videos and short notes. 


  • Content will help baseball coaches become one of the top coaches in your area. No longer average or like the other teams.
  • Baseball coaches will stand out after taking the course. Might even elevate your team as one of the best run operations in your area.

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What They Say....

"As a travel baseball coach in a highly competitive baseball area, I was looking for answers. Was there a former MLB player, coach, or maybe a highly regarded college coach who would council me without judgment? 

I came across Dave’s website and listened to his free course with my son. Oh, did I mention my son was starting to ”hate” our post-game, post-practice one-sided ”conversations.” if this doesn't strike a chord, maybe you should step back and take a closer look at you ”dad” coaches.

I asked my son if he thought it would be worth over $250 to talk to the guy we listened to in the car during his podcast. My frugal ten-year-old was confused at the question as if it was ridiculous and said it would be worth thousands of dollars. Measured, of course, in PlayStation game sets.

I paid the fee and have had multiple meaningful talks with Dave. My mind and heart were immediately opened. I have insight as to what is essential in the game of baseball at higher levels. I am working towards freeing up my team to play without fear and increase the fun factor without jeopardizing fundamentals. 


I can't thank you enough. My relationship with my son and team have improved, though not perfect, I'm getting there now if I could only sell my coaches. Thanks again!!" Jason, Tampa FL

"The biggest change I’ve seen is the hitting approach. Allowing them to swing freely has opened the game up for a lot of these kids. All but one set of parents came up to me personally to thank me for the season.

I heard things like,

“He’s never had this much fun playing baseball,”

“He can’t wait to come to baseball."

“This is the best year he’s had"

I am so grateful for your podcast and your coaching course, and resources. It has given me an enormous amount of confidence and has allowed me, hopefully, to make the biggest impact possible on these young people and my community.

It’s not just a system, it’s a mindset!” Justin S. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to finish the course content? 

You go at your pace. There is not time limit and you have access whenever you want it. Typically, most would do a unit each week and finish in 4-8 weeks. If you want to cram you could finish in a week. If you did 30-45 minutes a day you would be done in a 2-3 weeks. 

Is there a lot of reading?

Some optional reading material for your review to backup the video material. Most of the content is video lectures with power points and diagrams. 

This is not an overwhelming course. It is meant to get right to the point and give you vital knowledge and pertinent information you can use immediately and not burden your time.  More is not always better. Keep it simple and be really good at a few things. 

What device do I need?

The course is accessible on any computer or pad or Iphone.

How long do I have access to the class?

You have login rights anytime you want for as long as you want.

Is there a test or quiz?

No final exam, test or even a quiz. Everyone gets an A+ grade. 

Should I take notes?

To get the most out of the material I would highly recommend you have a binder or note book to keep a journal of notes. You can add your own ideas and side notes as you go.

Do you show us hitting and pitching mechanics?

Those areas are a course of their own. Some generalities are presented by I didn't have room to get deep in the weeds with mechanics in this course. 

What will happen when I take this course?

Nothing but good. If you are faithful to complete all the assignments it will definitely make a huge difference? Will likely dramatically change your outlook on player development.

Who is this for? 

Coaches at all levels. Rookies and experienced. I have known youth coaches that have volunteered coached for years but I would not necessarily describe them as top coaches. Everyone has room to get better. 

You want a college coach or a pro scout to walk in your ballpark and think, "Ok, someone here has coached these kids."  You can just tell by the way the kids play catch and if the dugout is in order and how kids transition on and off the field.

If you walk in the ballpark and see a lefty playing SS or a 3B standing on 3B holding the runner 'on the base' then you know we have an issue with higher level baseball coaching knowledge.

How to
Jump-Start Your Coaching Skills

"5 Steps to Ultimate Baseball Coaching Excellence"

Who: All baseball & softball coaching age levels

What: Teaches approach, philosophy, practice planning, drills, game management, communication skills, player development methods, and more. No other course compares.

5 Steps to Ultimate Baseball Coaching Excellence

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