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Positions in Baseball: Secret to Playing Time

catchers tagging runner

What positions in baseball should you play?

Answer: The more the better. I advise youth baseball players to play as many positions as possible.You want to be versatile. Being able to play several positions will open doors for greater opportunities to get in the line up.

For example; if you can play catcher is very valuable if you can play the infield positions or pitcher. That way if you have a second catcher on the team and it is the other catcher’s turn to play you can play somewhere else on the diamond rather than sit the bench.

You never want to put all your eggs in one basket. Now, lefties should stick to firstbase, pitcher and outfield but should be able to do all three pretty well.

Baseball Positions Topics

Why Play Multiple Baseball Positions?

How to Increase Playing Time
Exclusive 50 Point Checklist for Catchers
What Do You Look For In a Good Catcher?
The Best Catching Drills: The Suicide Drill
How to Find a Catcher
Catchers Giving Signs & Duties
Shortstop Is Not for Everyone
Discover 25 Top Tips to Play Awesome 2nd base.
Outfield Drills: 25 More Tips & Drills to Play Amazing Outfield
How to Play Masterful Middle Infield Positions

Terrific 50 Point Checklist for Catchers

catchers in basball

The busiest and most demanding postitions in baseball is the catcher.

I have put together a coaching checklist for catchers so you can reference from it during the season. This is a simple way to help baseball coaches bring along and develop catchers into the best they can be.

Once you finda catcher that is willing and able you start nurturing them with the finer points of catching. 

Exclusive 50 Point Checklist for Catchers

Catchers Are Tough As Nails
& Keep the Motor Running

A few of our friends & baseball coaching experts share what they look for in a good catcher.

It is a real luxury to have a catcher with the whole package because they are rare.

Take a minute to refresh your mind about what to look for out of your catcher position in baseball.

What Do You Look For In a Good Catcher?

Ultimate Drill for Catchers

Of all the positions in baseball the catcher is most directly responsible for preventing base runners from reaching scoring position.

Catching the ball, throwing to bases and blocking the ball in the dirt are essential job requirements.

Blocking the ball in the dirt is vital for a teams successful defense. The suicide blocking drills for catchers is one of the best drills out there.

The Best Catching Drill: The Suicide Drill

Essential Job Requirments
for Playing Catcher

The Catchers position in baseball is often feast or famine.

At times you might have plenty and other times a good catcher is no where in sight.

Why? Because it is physically demanding, requires baseball skills, can be painful and requires baseball knowledge along with leadership qualities.

It is not always easy to come up with a baseball player that will williingly do the job.

How to Find a Catcher

Catchers Duties & Giving the Signs

The catchers position in baseball carries several housekeeping duties to keep the pitchers and infielders in sync.

The catcher is the coordinator of the infield. Using short quick reminders the good catcher can make sure the pitchers and infielders are all working together.

This includes baseball signs with the pitchers pitches, the signs for defending the running game, the first and 3rd situation and calling the bases on bunt defense.

Check Out Catchers Duties & Baseball Signs

Shortstop Is Not for Everyone

shortstop fielding drills

The shortstop position takes a higher level of baseball skills to be able to play consistently and competitively.

The combination of range, catching the ball, getting the ball out of the glove and on the way to first base, and reaching 1st base accurately on time is not an easy feat.

Few baseball players can do this adequately well because it is hard to do.

Workout all your infielders at shortstop. The cream will rise to the top. The rest will have their baseball skills tested and hopefully improve. The shortstop positions in baseball is demanding so be prepared to coach the short stops.

Finding a Shortstop: It Is Not For Everyone

How to Play an Awesome 2nd Base

Discover the finer points of playing 2nd base. Not only do we catch it and throw it but we have to know where to be and when to be there.

Constant communication and coordination is vital between the shortstop, the pitcher, the catcher and the rest of the infielders.

The 25 point checklist for the secondbaseman will help you coach the 2nd baseman. Use the list to teach players how to play positions in baseball.

Discover 25 Top Tips to Play Awesome 2nd Base

Outfield Drills: 25 Tips & Drills

Outfield drills and skills

Most every outfield skill can embedded into an outfield drill. For example, catching a fly ball while on the run can be easily practiced using the 'fun on the run drill'.

Cut offs and relays drills can be practiced during team defense drills and duirng modified sandlot style practice games.

Baseball coaches also need to have the 25 point checklist for outfield duties and skills to have. Outfield positions in baseball requires working together.

Outfield Drills: 25 More Tips & Drills to Play Amazing Outfield

How to Master Middle Infield Positions

Teaching and coaching middle infielders can be a little bit of a chore without the knowledge foundation necessary. Brush up on your baseball coaching knowledge and help polish up your infielders.

Don't let your infielders get caught out of position while holding runners on base.

Of all the positions in baseball it is crucial that the middle infielders know how to play the game.

How to Play Masterful Middle Infielf Positions
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Positions in Baseball

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