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"Dave, I Don't Have time to attend a Coaching Clinic"

According to the National Alliance on Youth Sports only 5-10% of youth baseball coaches have been through official training.

Time is running out though. In the future, all youth baseball coaches WILL be required to become 'certified' in order to coach. 

In the meantime, I invite you to jump in with me and check out my DVD & CD's along with my eBooks.

Player development is my passion and I love sharing my outlook with coaches all over the baseball world.

I am combining my DVD/CDs along with my brand new eBook 'Time to Shine' Building Baseball Coaches Practice System for a great deal. 

Who is Dave Holt?

What does Dave Holt believe?

Baseball Impossible player development make over, coaching manual, tips and drills, practice planning, style, and approach.Baseball Impossible coaching make-over.

"We Don't Have Coaches Clinics in Our Area"


"I've got this. I just coach like my coaches did when I was growing up"

"I don't have time to go to a baseball clinic"

We all are maxed out on our time. Work, leisure, kids, church and where do we get any time? WE are busy people...

Now you can listen and or watch at your convenience. You can listen in your car, at home on your computer, at work in the background or watch on your DVD player. 

"We have no baseball clinics in our area"

  • Most organizations, rec leagues and travel teams have little or no access to coaching clinics. 
  • Most refer to online content or drills.
  • Few ever put out a player development plan for their coaches to help kids reach the high school baseball funnel.
  • Few ever explain how to implement a coaching style and approach with maximum player development in mind.

Better Trained Coaches = Kids Play Longer

Secret: "If you can't make practice FUN you're going to lose them"

What content will you be exposed to in my products...

Topics that are vital to coaching success...

What is your coaching approach/style?

  • Are you a teacher/mentor type or a yell and holler type?

Are you a win-at-all-cost type or a player development type?

  • Are you ultra focused and consumed with winning or do you have a long-term system to help kids reach the high school baseball funnel? 

Why do you coach?

  • Do you have a child on the team or just volunteering (or a paid coach or school coach). 
  • A coach can be a lot of things both good and bad. 

Can you make baseball practice FUN?

  • Are you a game-coach or a practice coach? If it were my child I want their coach to a great practice coach.
  • If a coach is NOT able to make practice fun and enjoyable they will not be able to develop and retain players. Kids will quit or move on.

Want to outwit the Travel Ball Devil?

  • Using the 3-Team format practice plan in my system you can play scrimmages every day.
  • You can very easily circumvent the Travel Ball world, provide kids with more 'touches', more reps, more playing time, in less time, save tons of money, and develop kids better using my travel ball lite approach.

Do You Coach Your Own Child?

  • About 85% of volunteer coaches have a child on the team.
  • Coaching your own child can be healthy or a disaster.

What do I go over at the Parent/Coaches pre-season meeting?

  • Easy format to have a discussion on your approach and handling issues during the season

What Will You Get?

1. The 6 DVD or 6 Audio Set
(was $47)


2. 'Time to Shine' My Coaches Practice System $7
(FREE 100 page eBook)

$54 Value... NOW $34

The 6-CD or the  6-DVD set goes on to explain more in depth how to build your local league player development system and mold your coaching approach.

A complete hour is given to Disc 5 on high school coaching and proven tips that can help bring player development to the high school baseball levels.

The last Disc 6 goes over a bunch of game management and coaching strategies that you can use to build player development skills during live ballgames.

'Time to Shine' My Baseball Coaches Practice System
100 page eBook

In addition to the 6-CD or 6 DVD set I am including my latest eBook to help build player development focused practices. 

  • Includes my 5 favorite practice drills
  • Includes my 3-Team Format template
  • Save you time planning practice
  • Increases 'touches and reps'
  • Increases vital player development skills
  • My throwing system
  • How to have scrimmages
  • You can even go 'Travel Ball Lite'
  • Kids have FUN and enjoy practice
  • Embed mini-competitions
  • Less goofing off at practice

Can't Make Practice Fun? You will lose them.

SIDE NOTE: My eBook will be sent to your email account immediately after purchase for you to download to your devices.

CDs of DVDs will follow in the mail in a few days.

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Table of Contents

Baseball coaching tips and drills, practice plans, coaching manual, CDsBaseball coaching manual, CDs, DVDs coaching tips and drills, player development strategies and techniques

Who Should Have This Material?

All head, assistants, in every league/travel organization.

From entry level ages to high school coaches. This material will leave you with a fresh outlook on player development. 

How will you prepare kids to play baseball post puberty age 13 and older?

  • Helping your kids reach the high school/middle school teams is a big job. Everything you do should be aimed at this job. 

How well will you be at using baseball as a vehicle?

  • Are you a master at building character in you kids, showing them how to be a great teammate? 

Where does Winning fit in?

  • There are different ways to do things in baseball. But, in the end, the teams that throw it, catch it, pitch it and hit it better win more games.
  • Practice is where coaches Shine. Practice is where kids grow and develop by getting more 'touches'. 

How well will your kids manage failure?

  • You better be good at helping kids bounce back. Kids will fail and probably a lot. Helping kids manage the bad stuff is a vital element you better be ready for.

Baseball coaching aids, Audio CDs, coaching clinic, coaching tipsAudio CD Disc 1 Cover Player Development Introduction

Every Audio CD/DVD Disc includes (6)  60 minute discs for your own coaching clinics. A lecture series narrated by me to help build your player development approach.

Are we here to help ballplayers get better and stay in the game longer? Are we here to help ballplayers learn how to be good teammates and play by the rules?

What is you real purpose of coaching youth baseball? These Audio CDs sets will help you answer this and show you a player development model you probably have not seen before. 

Tradition is hard to change anywhere. Give this lecture series a try and see how your outlook changes when approaching youth baseball.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Special Combo Deal Only
$34 (was $54)

Audio (6) CD set or (6) DVD set

Includes FREE 'Time to Shine' My Baseball Coaches Practice System
(100 page eBook)

This information is not often talked about anywhere else. Build your foundation, your cornerstone and watch your youth baseball experience improve.

Buy Now and listen at your convenience. Listen over and over again jotting down the good stuff. 

Have your assistant baseball coaches listen too.

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"Dave, I Cannot Afford to Pay $34"


"I Can Go Online and find stuff FREE"


"I do NOT see the value in buying your stuff"

You are correct...there is unlimited resources online for youth baseball coaches.

You can find drills and practice plans for sure. 

What you will NOT find for free (online) is content and material that will shape your coaching approach into a truly complete coach.

Where is the value?

How will your stuff benefit me?

  • Its all in the approach...are you building them up or tearing them down.
  • Its all in the system...are you prepping them for the 'big-field' or trying to win now?
  • Its all in the tone...voice communication and body language.
  • Its all in the practice time....are you a game coach or a practice coach?
  • Its all in the game management....are you all in their business or are you a 'pace car' approach.
  • It's all in maximizing 'touches'...or just playing ball games or 'situation games'.
  • Are you building an endless supply of pitchers....or just using a couple of kids all the time?
  • Are you promoting an atmosphere of power hitting....or ruining kids aggressiveness?
  • Are you preparing kids for life... or looking the other way and avoiding the important things?
  • Are you going to be someone that kids look back on in 20 years and say "Wow, that guy was a great coach, He/She taught me so much about baseball and life"...
  • or long forgotten?

Why invest $ in your coaching knowledge?

Because you will NOT find what I have here on the internet. It is rare stuff. No one offers a view of player development from a professional coach's perspective.

If you think some 'magic drill' you find online is going to change your coaching success I think you will be disappointed.

Over 6 hours of coaching clinic lecture on many facets of youth baseball.  

  • Includes a high school coaching template which is also good for coaching younger players too. Some good insider stuff in this one.
  • Includes the template for an entire league make-over. Build a complete player development system.
  • Game coaching management. How to run a ballgame. Want your ballclub to look like it has been well coached? This is a goldmine of insider tips and techniques to run your ball games like the top baseball coaches do.

Plus, my just released 'Time to Shine: My Baseball Coaches Practice System' is yours, too!

SIDE NOTE: If $34 is a bit out of reach go ahead and start with my practice system eBook 'Time to Shine' for only $7

Click Here for 'Time to Shine' page.

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ALL 6 CD Audio Set or 6 DVD set $34
Get 'Time to Shine: My Baseball Coaches Practice System' FREE
(100 page eBook)

Introduction to Youth Baseball and Player DevelopmentDisc #1 Player Development
Let the fun Begin; Baseball Practice planning and techniquesDisc #3 Let the Fun Begin
Baseball Coaching Tricks of the TradeDisc #2 Tricks of the Trade
local Minor League Make-Over Youth BaseballCD #4 Youth Baseball Minor League Make-Over
Baseball Game CoachingCD #6 Baseball Game Day Coaching
High School Baseball Coaching Make-OverCD #5 High School Baseball Coaching Make-Over
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What They Say...

Dear Dave,- Came across your books, CDs & DVD videos 2 years ago at the end of the season. I implemented your techniques the next season and can't thank you enough. The kids love practice, we accomplish a lot, and most importantly they all develop throughout the season.

I don't worry much if we win or lose just as long as we try and they get better. My pitchers only throw fastballs and a change up and we do just fine. If the other team hits the ball, great it gives the defense an opportunity to make a play.

I never coach from the box, I just encourage them to hit. And they all know the have the green light on 3-0. The best thing I can do for them is make them better hitters and the only way is to hit! By the way my kids are Junior Little league ages 13-14. Zach, Stockton, CA.

Dave, "Want to let you know I bought your CDs awhile back and listened to them on the way from Colorado to Texas for a wedding. Great stuff! Really enjoyed your lessons and now I get to apply them at the high school level as I just got a high school varsity coaching position. Paul in Colorado

I Love Teaching and Sharing What the BEST Player Development System Looks Like

What should the BEST player development system in the world look like?

  • Is it our Rec-league approach?
  • Is it our Travel Ball approach?

or do we use these umbrella organizations as a stage/backdrop and implement our own tweaks, footprints and touches to create our own ultimate player development system?

The youth baseball system is what it is.

  • How can we get the most bang for our buck, so to speak, applying incredible coaching approaches to help train our kids?

This is why I love to help train the coaches. Show them what the best player development system in the world should look like.

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Never Ordered eBooks?
or used PayPal

But Dave, "I have never ordered an eBook?" 

  1. I know, I was nervous too my first time clicking the 'buy button'. It is safe. The book can be saved on your devices as long as you want it. 
  2. PDF format: The eBook comes in PDF form so the pages stay together when they are downloaded. You may have to add ADOBE but almost everyone has a PDF file downloader already installed. 
  3. And you get it fast emailed right to your device.
  4. If you have any glitches I will walk you through any problems.
  5. I use PayPal or any credit card will work. It is safe and secure. 
  6. As soon as payment clears you will be notified by email with easy click instructions to get your copies immediately.
  7. The CDs or DVDs are shipped from my supplier right to your mailing address and just slip them into your device. 
  8. Plus you can look really 'smart' and share them with your other coaches.
  9. You can always reach me at or my phone number at the bottom of this page.

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