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There is a huge difference in what youth baseball 'Big-people' are teaching. 


What professional baseball coaches teach pro hitters.

Take this 38 point checklist quiz and see where you stand on your professional hitting approach.

Want to bring more enjoyment and fun to your players hitting approach? 

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 'Must-Have' FREE  38 Tip Hitting Cheatsheet Quiz 

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My coaching courses will get you up to speed real fast and prepare you for the next steps...

  • STOP wasting a bunch of time fumbling around the internet.
  • Inside look at PRO style player development hitting methods.
  • Organize your system to help kids reach High School baseball

Download Free 38 Tips Hitting Cheatsheet Here

What Are You Going to Know

Hitters Will Go as Far As Their Bat Takes Them

Youth baseball coaching hitters is One of the major tasks.

Hitters will go as far as their bats takes them. The better a kid can "hit" the longer they will likely keep playing.

  • Hitters have the most fun and enjoyment
  • Hitters get more playing time.
  • Non-hitters drop out earlier.
  • Coaches job to develop hitters.
  • Coaches promote a culture of hitting.
  • Coaches realize kids have to be aggressive.
  • Coaches give kids room to make a mistake.
  • Realize walks are not always the best for kids.
  • Developing a culture of hitting is vital for kids development.

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