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If you are new to coaching or been around awhile, take advantage of this great deal.

This will get your juices flowing and mind wandering. Get your ducks in a row now before you get too far along in the season. 

My coaching courses will get you up to speed real fast and prepare you for the next steps...

  • STOP wasting a bunch of time fumbling around the internet.
  • Inside look at PRO style player development methods
  • Organize your system to help kids reach High School baseball

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What Are You Going to Know

Tricks of the Trade
Tried & True Player Development

Youth baseball coaching looks pretty easy from the outside looking in. But watch out, you could get eaten alive if you don't know a little bit more than the average baseball parents...

  • Only takes 10-15 minutes per day to go over...
  • Best ways to communicate with parents and players...
  • Are you going to be a teacher or stand around and do nothing about it...
  • Be a top Practice coach or game coach...
  • Help to build your coaching style during games...
  • Player development approach or win-at-all-costs...

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This free coaching course will help you...

  • get your mind around putting a good plan together to help best develop your baseball players and work in harmony with the parents.

One of the goals at the end of the youth baseball season is to make sure everyone enjoys the season as much as possible and wants to return to the game next year. 

Table of contents: 

Lecture 1: Managing Your Flock

Lecture 2: Best Practice Procedures & Methods

Lecture 3: In-Game Coaching

Lecture 4: My Favorite Team Drill..."Rapid Fire Fungo Drill"

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FREE Coaching Mini-Course

Take a sneak peek under the hood and see how PRO baseball coaches approach youth baseball coaching.  Free Mini-Coaching Course * It only takes an hour or so of your time.