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Baseball Equipment & Gear
What You Need to Know

We start our baseball equipment section with baseball bats. I help you with choosing a baseball bat size. Then we talk about aluminum bats and some of the history of metal bats.

BBCOR bat standards come into effect this year for all NFHS and high school baseball teams the play under the NFHS guidelines. Collegiate baseball used these BBCOR approved bats in 2011 and now the high school baseball teams will adopt the new bat rules for 2012.

How much should you pay for a new baseball bat? Make sure you check with your league or baseball organization before spending on new bats to make sure the bat will be approved for your league. Take a look at choosing

Youth Baseball Bats for today's game.

Saving $ on Baseball Gear

Quick History on Baseball Bats

All You Need to Know about BBCOR

Back to the Wood Bat Era

Break In Your New Baseball Glove

Do It Your Self Glove Doctor

Glove Shopping is Big

Save Money On Baseball Gear

"That bag has $1000.00 of baseball gear in it". That is what my friend told me about the baseball gear in his son's baseball equipment bag. I would not have believed it unless he showed me item by item.

That is when I started looking at some other options for buying baseball gear. Here are some ideas so families don't go broke on baseball equipment and gear.

JustBaseball.us for Great Stuff

All About Baseball Bats

Take an inside look at baseball bats A little about baseball bat history from the earliest bats. Do you know your parts of the bat?

There is a big difference in the shape and style of bats. Are you a wood bat vs. aluminum bat person?

Metal bats are fast changing and mimicking wood bats more and more. Are you up on the BBCOR bat standards? Get brushed up on your baseball bat knowledge.

BBCOR Baseball Bat Era

What is BBCOR? BESR & ASI? I will explain some of the confusion with all the different bat regulations. The what, why, and how about the BBCOR bat rules and how they impact youth baseball going forward.

Basically, college baseball wanted to make aluminum bats act as close to wood bats as possible. For the safety of the baseball players and the integrity of the game, bats that act like wood bats are good for the game.

Even when the bats were broken in they still have to act like a wood bat. And now that the college baseball game has adopted the new bat rules now the high school baseball teams will too.

Make sure you check with your baseball organization to see what rules they are adopting before you run out and buy an expensive baseball bat and not be able to use it in baseball competition. Do your homework please! Here is my latest info on the BBCOR baseball bat standards.

Return To the Wood Bats Era

Up until about 1975 every one in baseball used wood bats. From the origins of baseball history until the mid 70’s baseball was all wood bats.

We are beginning to see the wood bat era return with the new bat standards that are closely mimicking wood bats in the baseball equipment world. Wood bat companies have been springing up all over the last decade. Wood bat leagues especially the college summer baseball leagues have been using ash, maple and hickory wood bats over a decade now.

The argument over wood bats vs. aluminum bats is now in the conversation more often.

The professional baseball players never deviated from the wood bats. Metal bats would have been a deadly weapon in the hands of professional hitters if the game of baseball would have allowed aluminum bats in professional league games.

The return to the old school Wood Bat Era in youth baseball.

Do Your Know Your Bat Lingo & History?

Do you know that bats are called “Lumber?” And choking up is allowed now. Baseball bats and especially wood bats can be made into all shapes, weights and sizes and styles. Thick handles or thin handles. Large barrels and medium barrels.

The history of baseball bats goes back to the 1850’s. John Hillerich from the Louisville Slugger bat brand name helped make the wood bat into a baseball equipment company and the biggest name in baseball bats.

Now the amateur baseball game is changing their bats to the BBCOR standards to replicate the wood bat era again.

I love the game of baseball when the wood bat is used. Baseball is really meant to be played with the wood baseball bat.

Grinding out runs when a team faces a real good pitcher is a real challenge. No longer will mediocre hitters be able to put up big offensive numbers because of the huge sweet spot on the metal bats. Baseball equipment especially bats are undergoing a huge change.

The age of pre-1970's wood baseball bat era is starting to come back. Hooray!

How Important is a Baseball
Player's Glove?

A baseball glove is a very special piece of baseball equipment to a ballplayer. Going to a baseball store and shopping for just the right glove is something that stays with you for a long time.

The process of finding the right size glove is important. Do you save up and buy an expensive baseball glove or not?

You have to try on several gloves and get just the right fit. That is why it is hard to choose a glove on the Internet without trying the glove on.

Once you have picked outjust the right glove out then it is time to begin the process of breaking in the new baseball glove. There are several ways I offer to you and some baseball glove break-in techniques are better than others.

Whatever way you choose on how to break in a baseball glove it will be your choice and the shape that you like it.

See all of my methods on how to break in a new baseball glove.

Shopping for Your Baseball Gloves

Be Your Own Glove Doctor

Often a really nice glove that is broken in just like you like it breaks a lacing once in awhile. I give you my baseball system for glove repairs.

How to relace a baseball glove. So, instead of buying a brand new expensive baseball glove when your glove lacing breaks just relace your glove. Baseball equipment can be expensive so stretch your dollar by repairing that old glove.

With a few toolsyou likely are to already have around the house and some good quality leather strings you will have a brand new broken in glove within an hour or so by restringing your old glove. 

Click to see my simple step by step guide to relace a baseball glove.

Youth Baseball Home from Baseball Equipment

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