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Vital Outfield Drills:
How to Add to Your Practice Plans

coaching baseball tips for outfielders

Outfield drills can be easily incorporated into baseball practice drills. Drills for outfielders often happen during the course of team defensive drill and live batting practice.

Most of the items in the outfielders drills checklist can be included into a baseball practice drill.

For example, if we want to practice playing it safe on groundballs and practice the do or die throwing technique then we set up an outfield fielding drill for those skill.

If we want outfielders to learn how to get at jump off the crack of the bat then we have the outfielders take live balls off the bat during live batting practice.

Making Drills for Outfielders

baseball drills coaching tips for outfielders

Try to develop outfield drills for all the items on the outfield drills checklist. Look at each item on the outfield drills list and see if you can create a drill for teaching that skill.

If the outfield skill to teach is find the fence then put the outfielders near a fence and fungo or throw some fly balls near the fence.

Some of the items on the outfield drills list are things you just teach the outfielders to know.

But most of strategies on the list are skills you can practice in outfield baseball drills like cut offs and relays, pop up priority, and balls hit between outfielders.

Outfield Fielding Tips Checklist

The best outfielders do many things the right way.

Whether you are teaching little league outfield drills or high school outfield drills you teach the same skills in baseball. Around the Horn Drill

Good outfielders use baseball strategies and drills for outfielders to develop defensive drills for outfield play. Use my outfielding drills and strategies list to help teach baseball outfield play and skills to your outfielders. You are certainly welcome to add any more outfielding tips to the list.

Good Outfielders...

youth baseball coaching tiips

1. Know the opposite field corner outfielder plays shallow and takes away the blooper or 'Texas Leaguer'. Rarely do most hitters have strong opposite field power and are more likely to hit the ball weakly to the opposite field than over your head.

2. Always looks for the best base to back up over-throws on plays in the infield.

3. Move or flinch a step or two every time a hitter takes a swing.

4. Looks to catch any ball hit in the air before the ball hits the ground

5. React instantaneously right at the ‘crack of the bat’ and tries to take the correct angle immediately.

6. Knows the best outfield drills practice opportunity is taking live balls off the bat during batting practice. balls off the bat during batting practice.

7. Knows centerfield is the quarterback and has fly ball priority over the left and right fielders. All the outfielders have priority over the infielders.

8. Can get off the mark at the instant the ball comes off the bat.

9. Know how to back each other up on all plays in the outfield.

10. Always are ready to help tell each other what base to throw to.

11. Looks to hit the the cut off man on relays in the chest and head areas. Is able to get rid the ball quickly, throw hard and accurately.

12. Is aware of the value of keeping the double play in order rather than throwing to thirdbase when there is no play on the runner coming from firstbase.

13. Knows how to catch grounders the safe mode and the time necessary to do or die outfield play on a throw to home plate.

14. Can work their way behind the fly ball in order to create momentum when runners are tagging up.

15. Is able to dive or slide catch and still hang on to the ball.

16. Always know where the fence is, obstacles, ground rules and foul territory.

17. Is always aware of the sun and the wind direction. Knows how to play the sun field with use of the outfield glove, baseball hat and flip down sunglasses.

18. Knows when to play deep and take away the double or extra base hit. (Like with 2 outs and nobody on secondbase or protecting for the go ahead or tying run from reaching scoring position.

19. Goes hard the first several steps and know they can slow down later. Never coasts after the ball.

20. Plays in a few steps and shallow on the hitters without power.

21. Know the off field corner outfielder covers secondbase on all extra base hits with a runner on firstbase.

22. Can run at top speed without ‘jarring’ the eyes and have the ball bouncing around in order to catch fly balls on the run.

23. Always knows where each outfielder is playing: straight away, play to pull the ball or play to the opposite field, shallow, deep.

24. Uses verbal communication to call for the ball: “I GOT IT, I GOT IT!” when calling for the fly ball in the air.

25. Knows to be aggressive and dive for the ball when there is another outfielder nearby to back them up.

Outfield Tips for Outfield Drills

No matter what outfield positions you play the outfield tips checklist will help outfielders with their fielding techniques.

Use the baseball strategies and fielding tips list to build and design your outfielder drills and coaching points.

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