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Free Youth Baseball Drills

In our baseball articles on free youth baseball drills we show you how to use a large bucket of baseballs and a few empty buckets for a quick drill for any youth baseball age level.

All amateur baseball players at all age levels enjoy learning baseball skills and trying to catch fly balls on the run.

Catching a fly ball hit in the air right near the fielder usually become fairly routine plays for most players. Catching a fly ball on the run can be a whole different level and skill set.

Outfield Drills for Baseball

Catching a fly ball or line drive hit in the air while running full speed and with other players in the vicinity increases the difficulty of the play significantly.

In addition, players while on the move will have to jump, reach, take their eye off, switch shoulders, find fences and obstacles, backhand, dive, slide, and shoe-string catch on various batted balls.

The back-hand low liner caught near the ground while on the run is probably the most difficult catches to make as the glove arm reaches across the body and requires a high level of athletic skill, agility and coordination.

Infield Drills for Baseball:
Building Self Confidence

Catching a ball hit in the air while running full speed takes some practice. Running full speed is one thing.

Running full speed gracefully and smoothly enough to be able to catch a batted ball is another. It will take incredible hand-eye coordination, agility, and courage.

"Fun on the Run"
Baseball Fielding Drills

Top baseball coaches know how to teach baseball. These top coaches drills are great for teaching baseball basics and incorporate baseball conditioning.

Let us start our free guide to baseball drills with a team of twelve players as an example. If you have few more or less than twelve then adapt at your best judgment. Divide the group into three equal lines of four players.

You will need one large bucket of baseballs (preferably 3 dozen or more) and a couple of empty 5 gallon plastic paint buckets or milk crates.

The 3 groups of players will line up on your left with the first player in each group at the front of their line. The first player in the first group will take off running straight across from your (coach with baseball bucket) left to right. Coach will toss a lofty fly ball at whatever trajectory and force you choose in a quarterback throwing to a receiver fashion.

As soon as the baseball has been tossed to the fielder in the first line the first player in the second line takes off from left to right and the coach repeats the quarterback leading toss to this player. Then the first player in the third line takes off running when the second players’ ball is in the air.

Once the each player has finished their play they will slam-dunk the ball into the nearby empty bucket and form up into their lines now on the right side of the coach. Once the coach has tossed the ball to the player in the third line the second player in the first line starts running across.

The fun free youth baseball drills continue until all the lines are empty and the players are lined up in their 3 groups to the right of the coach.

Repeat Baseball Skills

Now, immediately reverse the baseball fundamental drills back to where the groups started beginning with the first player in line in the first group taking off running across.

Coach ‘leads’ the player again tossing the ball so the player catches the ball on the run. These multipurpose free youth baseball drills for infield and outfield can go on as long as you like. Awesome summer baseball camp drill, too!

Baseball Workout: Top Fun Practice Drills

From little league baseball drills to high school baseball drills all kids enjoy this fun on the run outfield drill. Now, change directions from West to East... to North and South.

Set up the 3 groups so they run away from the coach for balls hit over their heads. Once all the players have finished running away from the coach have them one by one run towards the ball tossing coach.

Now the kids will catch a ball as if it were hit in front on them like a low line drive. They even like to dive for them and make shoestring catches. Repeat these free youth baseball drills as needed.

Best, Fast, Quickest
Defensive Baseball Drills

Continue repeating the coaches drills as time allows. Add a mini-competition to the fielding drills using a point system for each groups scores.

Begin with the players running in an area about the length of their bases.

Do not fungo the baseballs. Toss them. The coach can be way more accurate and control the arc and velocity to adjust for the age levels and different skill levels of each player.

Use safety balls for players 8 and under. Happy Fun On the Run free youth baseball drills. (Use for pregame warm-up too?)

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