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Top Baseball Practice
Plan Template

how to coach youth baseball

Baseball practice plan template is a great way to build your practice plans. Use the framework foundation template to add your own skills, drills and batting practice plans and have a well-organized efficient baseball practice every time.

The practice template will work for any baseball age group level. From Little League, Pony League, Dixie League, Ripken League, High School Baseball and Middle schools all the way to college.

Ultimate Baseball Lesson Plans

  • As a baseball coach one of the most difficult challenges one has is to develop baseball practice plans that are able to:
  • Be Well organized•
  • Transition from one activity quickly and smoothly•
  • Incorporate catching and throwing skills
  • Develop hitting technique and improve swing skills•
  • Teach baserunning techniques and strategies•
  • Practice infielder drills to polish fielding skills•
  • Involve competition
  • Develop outfielder drills and throwing drills for baseball•
  • Allow for team defensive baseball fielding drills•
  • Maximize repetitions for hitting swings, throws, catches, groundballs, fly balls and game situations.•
  •  Baseball conditioning, training and developing speed, agility

All this and more and be able to make this a fun practice environment that players enjoy participating in every day. Not the easiest task to do for youth baseball coaches.

Baseball Training & Conditioning:
Jog, Stretch & Agilities

After a brief pre-practice meeting reviewing the previous days game or practice and preparing for the days practice plan, begin jogging, baseball stretches and warm-up agility drills.

This should take around three to five minutes for most youth league baseball players.

Baseball Throwing Drills & Basics

Playing catch is just about the most basic fundamental in baseball. The measuring of a teams’ ability to play well will largely depend on their ability to catch and throw consistently and adequately during ball games.

Playing catch is the basic bread and butter foundation which teams are built on. Playing catch is a skill that has to be practiced and polished every day players play baseball.

Playing catch is involved in every play in baseball starting with the pitcher throwing different pitches to the catcher. For more ideas on Throwing Drills Go to Super Simple Guide to Coaching Youth Baseball

Infield Drills for Baseball

baseball training infielders fungo drills

Spend the next 15 minutes using the Rapid Fire Fungo Drill. These fielding drills allow for maximum repetitions in the shortest amount of time.

This one baseball fielding drill will help develop players’ ability to catch and throw routine groundballs. Infielder drills are very important to execute well as these plays are the most common plays that happen during the games.

Baseball Batting Practice Plan

baseball training 15 minute team batting practice with tennis balls

Tennis Ball Hitting Driil is a team batting drill that we use to get a large amount of swings in during a very short amount of time is the tennis ball hitting drill.

In no more than 10-15 minutes an entire team of 12-16 players can each get ten to fifteen batting practice swings in during this time. This might take 30 minutes or more if one player were hitting at a time during typical batting practice.

Now, there is no replacement for live hitting on the field and I certainly am not discouraging live batting practice. We are looking for ways to get our batting swings in a short amount of time in our 90 minute baseball practice plan template.

90-Minute Baseball Practice
Plan Template

1. Quick Pre-Practice Meeting (3 min.)

2. Jog, Stretch, Agilities (5 min.)

3. Catch & Throwing Drills and warm-ups (10 min.)

4. 15 minute Rapid Fire Fungo Drill (15 min.)

5. 15 minute Tennis Ball Batting Practice (15 min.)

6. 3-Team Format Coach Pitch Scrimmage (36 min.)

7. Post Practice Wrap-up and Clean-up (6 min.)

Total: 90 Minutes if my math is right?

How to Plan & Design a Quality
Baseball Practice Routine

After this 90-minute baseball practice plan template the players should have accomplished most if not all the items on our baseball lesson plan list at the beginning of this baseball article page.

Practice time should be heavy on action and light on coach lecturing. Transitions are very important in order to keep the fun baseball drills flowing at a steady pace.

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