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Vital Baseball Practice Infield Drills Part 2: For Terrific Youth Coaching

youth baseball playing middle infield drills and skills

More baseball practice infield drills from the Rapid Fire 15 minute baseball drills. We have offered more baseball coaching tips for your youth baseball drills.

After the players finish their fielding plays at 3B split them into two groups. One group goes to play second base and the other group stays at thirdbase.

The players at thirdbase each field five groundballs and throw to 2B to start the doubleplay with the player at 2B turning two.

After the players fifth play at 3B have them switch to the line at 2B and vice versa. Now the other group takes their five (or what ever amount you have time allotted for) plays from 3B.

Next, put a group at shortstop and a group at second base. Hit ground balls to shortstop and have the player field the groundball and start the doubleplay with a player at second base.

After the fielder has completed the play each player will jog over to the other line and line up in the back of the line so, they each exchange lines immediately after finishing the play.

After each player has fielded their groundballs at shortstop then begin the same sequence by hitting groundballs at the players at second base.

Finish by not forgetting the lefty first baseman and hitting groundballs at 1B so they can throw to 2B to start the doubleplay. Or have pitchers cover 1B when the firstbaseman vacates.

More Superb Baseball Drills from 'Rapid Fire' 15 Minute Drill

If time allows have the all players return to play second base. Have them field a slow-roller one at a time throwing to first base. After their turn have them jog over to shortstop and form a line.

Begin fielding slow-rollers and throw to 1B. After taking a turn jog over to start the line at thirdbase and repeat fielding the slow-roller and throwing to 1B.

You might finish the practice drill with the players at thirdbase playing in the infield in position with a runner on thirdbase situation. Have the players at thirdbase take a turn fielding a groundball and throwing to the catcher for either a tag play and/or a home-to-first double play.

As you can see players will get one whale of a training workout in about 15 minutes using these baseball practice fielding drills. You will have to stop momentarily to re-load the bucket of balls. If you have someone re-load the bucket before you run out the drill never stops.

Assuming you have time for five plays at each position then each player will field and throw at least 15 plays to first base, 15 double plays, three slow-rollers, and a couple plays to the catcher. That’s about 35 plays in a very short amount of time. Your players’ will be huffing and puffing for air after this drill.

Add the Pop Fly Option to Baseball Practice Infield Drills

Depending on time available in your baseball practice infield drills plan you can add the short pop-fly option. Before players move to the next position hit them a short pop-fly or a few in random directions.

Use your own youth sports coaching discretion to personalize the time, sequence, planning, strategies and amount of repetitions you see fit your ballclub.

The name of the baseball practice drill is Rapid Fire for a reason. As soon as the fielder catches the groundball or retrieves it if he bobbles it and begins his throw, start to hit the ball to the next player. Players will quickly get used to the pace.

It is important that the players at first base can keep up with the fast pace as they will be getting a constant barrage of throws.

Eliminate Standing In Line

The Rapid Fire Drill does not have to be a competition. It is more of just plain old baseball practice drill done over and over. A great drill for a clinic or summer baseball camps. You can easily add mini-competition to it with your imagination.

This practice training drill is excellent strategy for tee-ball, youth baseball, little league baseball, rec league baseball, travel baseball, softball, high school baseball, college baseball, camps, and clinics.

The pace of the drill keeps the standing in line very short. Once you reach the double plays there will not be time to be bored.

Competition in our practice plans is highly recommended and much is written about it in our book. So, you may want to count how many successful plays the cumulative team can make in a row. Or make this drill a Three-Team competition. 

Return to Super Simple Guide to Coaching Youth Baseball for more dynamic practice tips.

Caution With Over-throwing Pitchers

These baseball practice infield drills could require several dozen throws so take caution to protect players that will be pitching soon or just pitched the day before.

They may have to limit their throws or just do the fielding but not throwing. Pitchers could play first base and stay out of throwing to save their arms.

Thanks for visiting baseball practice infield drills here at coach and play baseball. These awesome infielder drills really make dramatic difference in your game execution for your infielders.

You have to get your players reps. Some baseball experts say fielding 100 groundballs per day is the goal. That may be hard to reach but I know you can easily get into the forties and fifties if you use the bucket fungo method.

You have to get away from the one ball at a time approach. Too slow and not enough fielding reps.

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