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Baseball Signs
When, Where, Why, and How to Put on Signs

Knowing the baseball signs is one of the first things on the to-do list for a baseball player when he first joins a new ballclub.

The first thing I tell players to do when they get to a new team is ask someone to go over the signs. Second, when greeting the coach or manager ask them what they like to be called.

Third thing: find out where their room is at the hotel so you do not do anything to bother them. Ha.

Step Out of the Box Mania
Are You Over-Coaching?

Putting on the youth baseball signs we find coaches are now commonly making their batters automatically step out of box after every pitch and look down to the thirdbase coach.

Coaches routinely will give the batter often unnecessary baseball signs irregardless of the tactical situation.

  • Do you know certain situations may require a sign and some situations don't?
  • Are you giving hitting tips and coaching tips while coaching bases?
  • Would you rather your players take a walk or swing the bat and hit aggressively? 
  • Are you happier with a walk or a swing and miss strikeout?
  • Do you like to play for one run and sacrifice bunt or let the players hit away?

These and many more topics are discussed in detail in my products for developing ball players. You will know exactly how I answer these questions and know all about my player development system and what is best for your players.

Pro Baseball Model
How Do the Pros Do  Baseball Signs? 

Professional hitters will step out the box and look for the base coaches baseball signs when the game situation might call for an offensive play like a bunt, steal, or hit and run play.

Otherwise, the thirdbase coach knows to leave them alone when they are at the plate.

  • Is it good to give hitting tips between pitches in a live game?
  • Should we be giving baseball signs no matter what the situation?
  • Should we have a 'take' sign for players 14 years & under?
  • Do you know any adults that talk about hitting technique during the hitter at-bat? 
  • Ever hear anyone tell a hitter to 'keep that back elbow up'?

I wish I could hook you up to sit in a professional baseball dugout for a game. I think you would be amazed at what type of coaching goes on. 

You can watch how the signs are working and when coaches are giving signs. 

To look deeper into my professional baseball player development philosophy and how to bring my model to your youth baseball organization look here. 

Giving a Baseball Sign No Matter What?
There Really Is a Time & Place?

While umpiring I like to mess with youth coaches some times. I will see a thirdbase coach touching all these areas on their bodies for baseball signs like in a situation when there are runners on second and thirdbase and two outs.

      SIDE NOTE: Many travel ball coaches think they have to 'trick' folks  by putting on baseball signs and signals. Click here if you are tricking folks.

Obviously this is not a time to put on any signs or plays. The batter will be starring down at him as he goes through his repertoire of plays indicating a baseball sign is on. There is no chance of a bunt, steal or hit and run play.

Between innings I will ask him in a friendly tone, I’m trying to learn the game and can you help me? Can you tell me what plays you are giving the batter in that situation?

Boy, do they dance around that one. They start scrambling for a logical answer which they cannot come up with and usually admit they basically just want everyone to look at them before every pitch no matter what.

Do Your Really Need Baseball Signs?

Check the Outs, Signs and Glance at the Outfield
Do You Have a Routine?

I have a consistent routine that I have my baserunners do every time they get on base. This helps almost eliminate any confusion or missing signs.

  • What is the first thing the batter and the runner do when the batter steps near the batters box?
  • How does the base coach model and show the number of outs to the runners?
  • What should happen just before the base coach begins giving signs?
  • What other reminders do coaches give the runners with less than 2 outs? with 2 outs?
  • After the signs have been given what do the base runners do just before taking their lead

To get in on the answers from these questions to giving baseball signs by checking out these game strategies. 

After everyone has the signs, begin taking your lead off the base. Check out my baseball signs.

Simplest Signs on Earth
Best Kept Secret

The simplest sign system is usually used when you have a one game league all-star game or exhibition where players from several teams assemble for a game or two. That is because it is very simple and a fast, easy system to implement. 

Coaches get frustrated when players miss signs and it usually hurts the team. How do I make a system that is so simple no one misses signs? Ah Ha. Just use my easy system all the time.

Just pick a HOT indicator. I use the right hand to the bill of the hat. Nothing is on until I touch my right hand to the hat when going through the signs. Touch the indicator and the count is on. All the batters and the baserunners have to do is count how many times I do this particular thing.

Now that the indicator has been touched everyone must pay attention to count the thing I do at the end of the signs. When I do it once, the sacrifice bunt is on, twice and the steal is on. Three times is the hit and run. Four times is the delay steal.

If you think your opponent has picked off your system just change the indicator.

I have a few more individual signs for the things like a squeeze bunt, steal on your own, drag bunt for a hit, rare take sign and stuff like that. These are pretty discreet and I do not use an indicator. But you could if you wanted.

To get my complete system on the simplest signs on earth look at these more detailed player development tools.

Whatever signs you use keep them simple and do not put on signs when all the batter can do is hit away. Reveiw the signs regularly.

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