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Baseball Umpire:
Can They Measure Up?

Umpires will miss calls but coaches have to work positively with the umps.

A baseball umpire is in a no-win situation. Every close play and every close pitch are going to have one side or the other upset.

Umps. are rarely ever going to measure up. Since we know we are going to be on the bad end of calls much of the time it is best to make the baseball umpire nearly irrelevant.

Do not take up the umpires as big issue. Swallow your medicine and hope you get the next one to go your way.

If the baseball coaches take their focus off the umpires then the ballplayers will follow suit. If the coaches make a big issue of the umpires and consistently belly ache on numerous plays during the games then the baseball players and the baseball parents are going to imitate the baseball coaches.

Baseball Parents and Players: Don’t Worry With the Umps

"Hey, you want to go out for pizza after the game?" Discussion with umpire and the ump usually wins.

Right off the bat we are going to make sure our players and baseball parents clearly understand how they are to react to umpires calls.

They are not going to be shaking their heads, pouting, or say anything to the umpire. Me, as the coach, will take care of that. I will say something when it is appropriate to say.

I am really making the player’s job easier. The kids just have to play ball and realize I (the coach) will be the one dealing with the umpires.

Parents: your job is much easier too, you just have to make sure the kids get to and from the games and baseball practices and show your support by enjoying the game.

Mr. Umpire. What is Your Name Sir?

How to work with and treat umpires.

We will not be addressing the umpires as ‘BLUE’. This is just about the most disrespectful way to treat another professional.

We will find out the umpires names and address them by name during the ball games.

Me, as the coach will write the umpires names on my lineup card in the dugout so we all get to know the umpires by name.

At no time will we call the umpires ‘BLUE’.

SIDE NOTE: I did have one private high school baseball team address me as ‘Mr. Blue’. I’m like ‘hey, at least the coach told the kids to throw a Mr. or a 'Sir' in there.’

Helping the Umpires With Foul Balls

Introduce yourself and call the umpire by name...NOT 'BLUE"

Any time a baseball umpire behind the plate needs baseballs we will have a baseball player or extra coach hustle out to the homeplate umpire and ‘HAND The UMPIRE’ the baseballs between pitches.

NEVER roll or toss the baseballs to the umpire and make the ump pick them up or try to catch the baseballs.

Watch the professional baseball teams next time you are at a professional baseball game and see how the batboys run the baseballs out to the umps between pitches. Make sure your on-deck hitter shags the foul balls around the backstop area so the umpire does not have to stop the game to pick up the foul balls.

Baseball Parents Your Job is to Do Nothing

Umpire meeting to go over ground rules and exchange line up cards.

If you ask most kids what they want their parents to do during the game, they would say, “NOTHING”. What that means is you do not have to say anything.

The kids just want to know that you enjoyed watching them and you really hope they have fun.

You do not ever COACH from the stands,
YELL encouraging things to your kids when they do well,
or SAY anything to the baseball umpires. Now, that does not mean you cannot clap for your children when they do well.

The main point is that you just have to hand your child to me as the coach, stand back and let me do my job.

Baseball Umpire:
Checklist to Work With Umps

1. Stay off the umpires.

2. If you have a ‘beef’ then approach the umpire respectfully—make your point and get on with the game.

3. Set the tone by never letting your players alibi about the baseball umpires.

4. Make sure your baseball parents know you have a ZERO tolerance for saying anything to the umpires.

5. Find out the umpires names and address them by their names.

6. The umpire’s names ARE NOT ‘BLUE’.

7. Have an extra player or coach hustle the baseballs out to the homeplate umpire and put the baseball in the umps hands.

8. Never roll the baseballs on the ground or toss the baseballs to the umpires. Watch the pros--have the ballboy quickly run the baseballs out to the ump and PUT the baseball balls in their hands. Umps do not want to be bending over picking up baseball and trying to catch the ball without a glove.

9. Get your baseball team immediately on and off the field between innings so the umpire can keep the game moving and within the time limits. Make sure you have an extra catcher ready to warmup pitchers between innings.

10. Have your on-deck batter retrieve the foulballs near the backstop for the plate umpire.

Have the Players 'SWING the BAT'

11. Umpires umpire—players play.

12. Never look back at the umpire and talk to them while batting. If you say anything to the ump do not turn towards them.

13. Your catcher should never turn around and face the umpire. You can talk without turning towards the ump.

14. Don’t let your pitcher and hitters display negative ‘body language’ after a pitch.

15. Catchers should not be taught to ‘yank’ the catcher’s glove while framing in an obvious attempt to deceive the umpire to get a strike call.

16. A ‘subtle’ glove movement toward the strikezone is usually acceptable.

17. Take caution asking one umpire to over rule the other ump. There is a time and a place. If there is a call at 2B and you ask the homeplate umpire to over rule the the base umpire you will lose respect.

18. Be cautious when questioning ball and strike calls. The rules strictly do not allow ball/strike arguing.

19. Thank the umpires after the game for coming out to call your game. Believe me they do not get rich and never get appreciated.

20. As a courtesy always notify the umpires about the lineup changes during the games.

21. Provide designated parking spaces and dressing areas when possible.

22. Have your kids SWING THE BAT. Most umps ‘expand the zone’ a little so do not let your hitters go up looking for a walk.

23. Always show respect and class toward a baseball umpire—you might get some back.

24. Umpires are never going to measure up—so don’t make a big issue about them.

25. If you think baseball umpiring is that easy then try it yourself—I did.

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