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Hi, I’m baseball coach, author of pitching guide books, developer and baseball manager Dave Holt

I have been around the development of pitchers all my life. I know Pitching is the lifeblood of a baseball team.

Youth baseball coaches have no real idea how to develop a deep, versatile pitching roster. No one has ever shown them or told them how to do it.

In this pitching guide book you will have all the knowledge you need to help youth pitchers compete successfully.

Tap Into 30 Years of Professional Experience

I have gathered my years of coaching in professional baseball, college level summer baseball, and high school baseball.

I simply bring the hundreds of simple strategies to the youth league age groups to develop multiple pitchers every season.

It’s a step by step pitching guide book to help you succeed if the proper treatment and development of a real pitching staff.


  • "What a great resource and step-by-step guide to help shape and mold young ballplayers into pitchers! Although I pitched in college, I wish I would have had Never Run Short of Pitchers: How to Develop Baseball Pitchers when I coached my son's teams.

    Dave's wisdom, though, goes beyond the X's and O's of pitching and gets at the heart of why we have youth sports in the first place - to help kids learn, teach them to compete, and ensure they have fun.

    He shows how developing many young pitchers accomplishes those three goals and helps a coach resist the pressures of a win-at-all-costs mentality that taints much of youth sports today".

    -- DAN CLEMENS, Coach and Author of A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning, Competing, and Having Fun in Youth Baseball

  • .

    Baseball Scout

    • "Dave Holt is one of the best baseball minds I've ever been around. He does a great job of keeping things simple in an age where everyone is trying to complicate things.

      Having played and managed the game for years, Dave truly knows baseball inside and out. This book is evidence of that, covering everything from pitching mechanics to injury prevention to the mental side.

      Furthermore, it breaks down many of the things I look for in amateur pitchers as an Area Scout. Overall a great read for a parent or coach wanting the best for their players."

      KRIS GROSS: Midwest Area Scout for the Houston Astros

How Did I Discover these Strategies
for Developing Pitchers?

First of all I grew up as a coaches son in a small rural town. My dad was the baseball coach at the local community college team.

I watched how he worked hours with pitchers that were rough around the edges to say the least.

Every year dad would have competitive teams even though his talent pool was noticeably less than the bigger city schools.

Yet year in and year out he would give the big schools all they could handle. Why? Genuine pitching fundamentals, the best pitching drills and dedicated, knowledgeable coaching.

"We Don't Have Any Pitching
This Year"
Then It's Your Fault

“We don’t have any pitching this year.” Well, it is your fault. You have to find it. You have to work with them and several of them. My dad never had any seasons when you end up with NO pitching. He went out and found it, sanded the rough edges and polished it up..

The Key to Success:
How to Keep it Simple & Have an Endless Supply of Pitching

My years in professional baseball gave me even more insight and purpose in developing multiple pitchers. I learned

• How to handle a pitching staff of 10 or more pitchers. 
• How to work them all into the games to get their innings.
• How to regulate their innings and pitch counts. 
• How to work them in the bullpen and in drills. 
• How to teach fielding and pick –offs. 
• How to defense the running game. 

  • How to keep arms healthy.

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert Pitching Guru
You Could Be Teaching the Wrong Stuff

You may be teaching pitchers the wrong way. Have you ever heard pitching coaches say...

  • Rock and fire
  • Take a big step back to gain momentum.
  • Twist your wrist to throw a curve ball.
  • Don't throw 3/4.
  • Slow your arm down when you throw a change-up.
  • Sit on your back leg.
  • Extend you arm to 2B.
  • Drop and Drive

It can get confusing, I know. Come see how the professional baseball folks prepare and develop pitchers

Everything you need to know to be an effective is in this pitching guide book for the youth coach. There is no need to be an expert in pitching.

Nor are you expected to be an expert in baseball specifics in pitching. The experts start emerging at the high school level and especially in college baseball.

No one is expecting youth baseball coaches to be super knowledgeable in pitching. But, we will expect you to know how to approach pitching in  the youth levels.

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What You’ll Learn In This
Pitching GuideBook


How to Develop an Endless Supply of Pitchers
Use It—But, Don’t Abuse It; 
Arm Injuries: How to Avoid; 
Caution: Pitching and Playing Positions; 
Year-Around Baseball: Be Aware; 
The Shaving Cream Approach; 
Spahn & Sain: Why Do We Need More Pitchers?; 
What to Know About Pitch Counts; 
How Do the Pros Do It? 
Never Run Short of Pitching: How to Develop an Endless Stream


Top 3 Tips for Young Pitchers 
Work Fast; Over the Plate; 
How to Create Doubt; 
The Fastball Family; Four Seam Fastball; Two Seam Fastball (Sinker); 
BP Fastball; Why a Straight Change Up?; Hump-Up Fastball;
Breaking Pitches; Sliders & Curveballs; 
Trick Pitches-Not a good Plan; 
Mental Approach for Top Pitchers; 
Characteristics of a Successful Pitcher Check list;


Sound Pitching Mechanics
Troubleshooting Some Problems; 
Throwing on the Side; 
The Half-Throw Drill: The Only Drill You Ever Need; 
Style Point Game; Pitchers Fielding Practice; 
Defending the Running Game; 
Pick Off Plays and Strategies; 
Calling Pitches or Not?



100 Point Coaching Checklist

This huge checklist ( which fills nearly 5 pages!) includes more suggestions that you may never find anywhere else in how to coach youth baseball.

Many coaches never even get an opportunity to see this many helpful tips in successfully managing a youth baseball team.

So pick and choose from this master checklist and help form your own personal coaching approach. It contains so many good tips to help make your season a positive one. ( You don’t have to win all your games to have a positive season.


Included is a copy of my player / parents expectation chart. In baseball we are constantly searching for every opportunity to ‘teach more than the game’.

The chart lists even more coaching tips to help carve your positive coaching approach. You want to be known as one who runs a ‘first class’ ball team? Pick some of these expectations to utilize in your coaching approach.


Speed Differential Chart

In order to be a good pitcher you must understand pitch speed variations. To disrupt a good hitters timing it is helpful to comprehend how to ‘take a little off’ and ‘put a little on’ the ball.

You likely will not see this speed differential chart any where else. It is not brand new information, but it is something all pitchers and catchers must be aware of in order to make good decisions calling pitch signs.

For your convenience all 3 of these Bonus resources are included in the book.

Learn How to produce multiple pitchers and drive your league teams crazy. Hopefully they will catch on too, as we never have too much pitching…all for $7

This book is really overflowing with examples, tips and effective strategies and years of experience you will not find anywhere else.

This cram packed 8x11 full 64-page pitching guide books are absolutely loaded with pitching development strategies. You will use the same approach I used in professional baseball and proven to work at my high school teams

You simply plug in my strategy into any age level you coach and watch the endless supply of pitchers start evolving right in front of you. 'Never Run Short of Pitching' for only $7 – less than price of a couple nice meals at Chic-fil-et.

Develop Deep Pitching Depth:

If all you do after reading this book is leave the game of baseball with more quality strike throwing pitchers with healthy arms then you will get your money’s worth.

I do believe that you will get much more than a couple more pitchers.

I think you will be so much better equipped to teach and coach baseball pitchers when you begin to use the strategies in this book. You just might find that this is the best $7 invested you’ve spent coaching baseball.

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