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Be A Better Hitter
50 Point Hitting Checklist

coaching baseball hitting Roberto Clemente creating energy

Everyone wants to be a better hitter. Everyones hitting style is unique. Well, the greatest baseball hitters do not look the same at all.

Everyone has their own style of hitting. It is like handwriting—we all write the same language but we all have our own unique style of writing. The same goes for hitting styles.

We all are trying to hit the ball better—but we all have our own unique style. The top baseball hitters do approach and think about hitting in a similar way.

How to Be a Above Average Hitter
A Better Hitter Has an Edge

We know how to be a better hitter. There are common concepts that are present in some form with the best baseball hitters.

Regardless of your baseball age level or ability level having knowledge of how to play baseball can help improve hitting.

In fact, having wisdom when you play baseball is often the difference in a mediocre baseball player and an average to above average player.

How to Be a Better Hitter in Baseball
Good Hitters Rarely Sit the Bench

Eventually a baseball player will go as far as their bat takes them. As long as a player can produce significant offense to help their team score runs they are likely to see plenty of playing time.

Baseball coaches are not going to leave a good offensive player on the dugout bench too long. The best athletes, the smartest hitters, and the hardest workers usually play the longest and go the furthest.

Often the less athletic and least knowledgeable hitters drop out of baseball between age 12 and 14.

50 Ways to Be A Better Hitter
Professional Hitting Tips

coaching baseball tips statistics Tommy Davis follow through

When we teach hitting we have to look further than how to swing a baseball bat.

We have to teach a player how to play baseball.

This checklist to be a really good hitter will give players skills for baseball and improve batting.

Although certainly not an end all list, it is worthy for any youth level baseball player and youth league baseball coach to have on hand to look over.

These are some of things good hitters do to be a good hitter.

A sample of the entire list:

1. Thinks ‘Swing-it’ before every pitch.

2. Knows how to hit the fastball in front of the plate.

3. Looks for the fastball first.

Check out #4-10 & the entire list for a opportunity to be a really good hitter. 

Hitting off-speed pitches, two strike hitting, proper mindset & approach, laying off pitches, suggested stance, body posture.

Must Do's for Good Top Hitters 
Sample of Entire List

coaching kids baseball be a better hitter and Roy Smalley

Sample of the 50 Point Hitting Checklist #11-20

11. Keeps the bat close to the back shoulder.

12. Know the top hand is palm-up.

13. Begins the swing with some 'energy'.

To get the whole list and become a better hitter check out what is available at the resources page.

#14 - 20 Vital Topics

Hands, follow-through, wrist action, head position, front foot position, back shoulder position, contact location.

The Best Hitters Always
Look for This Pitch

Topics for the hitting checklist #21- 30 

  • Hitting the Ball where it is pitched
  • Knows what happens when the bat stays on the shoulder.
  • How to use the best swing you have today.
  • Understands the concept of the walk and being aggressive.
  • 'Squaring up' on the ball
  • Hitting Grip
  • Choking up
  • 2 strike hitting
  • Getting around on the fastball.
  • Getting the signs

This vital hitting checklist is available for you at the resources section pages.

To Be a Best Hitter at Any Age
Poor Adult Advice Can Ruin Hitters

Be a Top hitter tips #31- #50: can be seen here. 

Complete Be a top Hitter 50 Point tips list.

Are Hitters Born or Made?
Ability is a Factor

league baseball coaching tips with Charlie Wagner

Long time Boston Red Sox scout 'Broadway' Charlie Wagner told me once, "Hitters are born--you can't make a hitter." This is largely true.

God-given talent and ability is a huge factor in hitting.

We can equip our hitters with knowledge and an aggressive mindset and help each one reach their potential.

Hitting is not for the timid. You have to have some toughness and courage to stand up to a really fast pitcher.

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You Will Go As Far as Your Bat Takes You

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