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2 Seam Fastball: One the
Best Pitch Grips

The 2 seam fastball is one of the different baseball pitches grips every pitcher should have. The fastball grip is the staple to pitching. The fastball grip is the pitch to begin with when teaching youth pitchers how to throw pitches.

The 2 seam fastball pitching grip is also known as the two seam fastball, the sinker, and the sinking fastball. The 2 seamer fastball pitch is similar to the four seam fastball pitch except the fingers have different grips for pitching.

2 Seam Fastball Grip: Grips for Pitching

little league baseball coaching tips for pitchers

The two seam fastball grip has the pitchers fingers grips on the baseball seams where the seams are narrow. The pad of the index and middle fingers grip pitches right on the seams.

The thumb is on the bottom of the ball in these types of baseball pitches. Players want to know how to pitch a fastball. This is the how to grip baseball pitches with fastball pitching grips.

How to Throw a Fastball Two Seamer (sinker)

baseball coaching manual for pitchers

Throwing with the two seam fastball grip is no different than the 4 seam fastball pitch. The different baseball pitches are thrown the same.

The pitch grips cause the ball to react differently though. With fewer seams rotating the pitch will usually drop and move into a right hand batter when the pitch comes over the home plate.

Upon release of the pitch grip the pitchers hand should pronate inward in a slight screwball action, which increases the sinker ball action.

free baseball coaching tips for pitchers

Why Throw Different Pitches
Including the 2-Seamer

baseball coaching tips and drills for pitchers

The advantage of the 2 seamer is the movement on the pitch. The pitch grips cause the fastball to bore into the righthand hitter and slide down and away from the left handed hitter. At the same time the ball has some slight dropping action.

Therefore, the hitter has a more difficult time squaring up the ball on the sweet barrel spot on the bat. Pitchers who are blessed with overpowering velocity on their fastball pitch can be successful relying on the four seam fastball, which has a straighter pitch flight path.

Those pitchers who cannot be successful with a high amount fastball pitch velocity may find success with the added sinking fastball movement.

How to Throw Pitches: The Dana Kiecker Siking Fastball Story 

The 1988 New Britain Red Sox began the month of August in last place in the Eastern League. Dana Kiecker Dana Kiecker was closing in on his 3rd season in AA as a dependable strike throwing, inning eating, sinker-slider pitcher always around .500 type 10-9 record starting pitcher.

It looked like his career had peeked at AA, did not appear to be a major league prospect and he was starting to get a little age on him for the AA level.

I went to him and said, “Dana, we are out of the pennant race. You have reached a plateau as a sinker ball pitcher. We have nothing to lose. Let’s try to drop the arm slot down a few inches lower and see what happens.“

He was willing to try and immediately went to the bullpen to warm-up. He already knew how to throw a sinker. Instantly, with the lower arm angle the sinker pitch action increased dramatically. And in addition his slider grip pitches had a bigger sharper break. He went on to have some success that last month.

Throwing Baseball Pitches
in the Major Leagues

Next spring Dana made the starting rotation at AAA Pawtucket Red Sox. His new increased movement on the baseball pitches slider and the different types of pitches with his lower arm slot sinker quickly made him a major league prospect again.

The following year he started 25 games with the Boston Red Sox going 8-9 and 3.97 ERA and helped us reach the post season. Not bad for a fifth starter on any team.

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