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Incredible Throwing Drill & Players Love It

by Dave Holt
(Charleston, SC, USA)

Dave's Response to Throwing mechanics and throwing Drills

Dave's Response to Throwing mechanics and throwing Drills

Hot Potato Fast Catch Throwing Drill

Are you looking for a fantastic throwing drill? Do you want to improve your players’ baseball throwing techniques? Are you in need of better ball handling skills for your youth baseball team?

Do you want to add some fun practice drills to your mini-competitions?

I have been using this baseball throwing drill and its variations for quite awhile to help my players develop the correct baseball throwing motion. Proper baseball throwing mechanics are vital to helping baseball players catch and throw consistently well in game situations. Players need plenty of practice and repetitions to get better.

The Right Way to Teach Baseball Throwing Mechanics

Coaches know that players have to throw the ball using correct throwing mechanics—but most coaches do not know how to teach throwing mechanics.

Or worse, many youth baseball coaches teach baseball throwing the wrong way.

Poor throwing coaching examples: “Make a scarecrow—pointing your throwing are straight back and pointing your glove arm straight ahead.”

Or “Make a ‘snow angel’ like when you lay down on the soft snow or the beach sand and bring both arms up from your sides simultaneously.”

Or, ‘Bring the ball and glove to your belly button.”

All of these are very poor methods for teaching baseball throwing mechanics but unfortunately commonly used in youth baseball coaching jargon.

Teach How to Throw a Baseball Properly Using the Bow and Arrow Throwing Method

The proper baseball throwing technique is to take the throwing arm back into a bow and arrow position immediately after catching the ball.

The glove arm ends up with the front elbow pointing to the throwing target. The glove arm is relaxed with the glvoe hand near the front chest area.

The Hot potato fast catch throwing drill teaches this correct throwing mechanic and other important baseball tips on catching and throwing techniques on the proper baseball throwing mechanics.

Top 7 Tips to Teach Baseball Throwing Mechanics Using Fast Catch

1. Teaches the bow and arrow arm action,which keeps the arc of the arm loading short, compact and powerful.

2. Teaches catching the ball with two hands around the baseball glove. As soon as the ball hits the glove the throwing hand is moving in to get a grip on the ball and immediately cocks into the bow and arrow throwing position.

3. Teaches

throwing accuracy: Good throws near the partners’ chest area make it easier for the partner to catch the ball and get rid the baseball quicker.

4. Teaches how to throw a baseball properly. Players cannot rush the throws. A player can only move as fast as they can keep the throws accurate. If the thrower gets into too big of a hurry they are likely to get a bad grip and make a bad throw or get the throwing elbow too far under the ball. They have to find a working speed in which they can operate successfully. The great legendary coach John Wooden said “to be quick--but don’t hurry.”

5. Teach game speed baseball mechanics: Defensive players have to learn how to get rid the ball quickly and throw the ball accurately during baseball games. This drill will help your players improve their ball handling skills over time.

6. Teaches Proper Footwork: Most baseball throws during the baseball games are a one-shuffle and throw technique. The fast catch throwing drill definitely teaches the one shuffle and throw technique.

7. Anticipate a Bad Throw: The partner waiting for the throw is always ‘ready for the worst throw in the world’.

It will also reveal the top ball handlers and the not so good ball handlers.

How the Fast Catch Mini Competition Drill Works

At the end of your warm-up session bring the players about half way to ¾ of the distance of the base distance they play.

On your cue have the players start throwing. I usually go first ones to ten are the winners.

Partners play together as a team and count out loud each time one of them catch the ball. When they get to ‘ten’ they both take a knee. The first ones to the knee win that round with the second, third and fourth groups getting acknowledgement too.

I play at least three rounds every day of practice and games.

For more throwing workouts tips and variations on Hot potato fast catch go to https://www.coachandplaybaseball.com/fast-catch-throwing-drills-3.html

How to Throw the Baseball Better
Great for all ages: from professional baseball players all the way to entry age levels. Works well in baseball camps, clinics, and indoor baseball drills throughout the baseball season.

Hey, Let me know how the drill works out for you or if you have any variations that make the drill better.

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