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Bow and Arrow Throwing Motion

by Joe

Question: How do I teach the Pro Style Bow and Arrow Throwing Technique in baseball? Thanks, Joe

Hey Joe,

Awesome question! It is so vitally important to be able to teach the correct baseball throwing motion to our young baseball players.

I model the bow and arrow throwing mechanics after professional baseball players.

Why do pros use the bow and arrow proper baseball throwing technique?

First, so the player can get the ball out of glove quickly.

Second: To increase the baseball throw speed—pulling the bow back allows the player to make a hard throw.

Third: Accuracy. This is the best, most powrful throwing postition to be able to throw the ball with accuracy.

If players want to know how to throw a baseball faster, get rid of the ball quicker and use a baseball throwing motion with the best throwing accuracy then the bow and arrow baseball throwing technique is the way to teach baseball.

To teach baseball throwing mechanics:

1. As soon as the youth player catches the ball they should immediately pull the throwing arm almost exactly like they were pulling the bow back to shoot an arrow.

It is like we used to tell catchers to bring the ball back to the ear. The throwing hand would be gripping the baseball instead of the bowstrings but the throwing arm should look like they were pulling the bowstrings. The glove arm elbow will point toward the target.

2. Now just release the arm. The throwing arm will rapidly whip forward with lots of arm speed. In slow motion

the elbow leads first but the hand with the ball catches up very quickly. You likely cannot see the elbow leading because the arm whip is so fast. The glove arm will fold up on the side like a chicken wing. The shoulders will switch places

3. I like to have my players use a shuffle step when they throw. So you can have the players shuffle the feet once during each throw during the baseball throwing mechanics. Almost all throws during a baseball game will utilize a shuffle step with the players feet.

There are many different ways to throw a baseball and baseball throwing techniques.

My way is the way the pros teach baseball throwing. Study the pros. They are not always right, but baseball IS their business. Why ask a butcher how to roof your house?

I watch youth baseball players play catch during throwing workouts—and I observe their baseball mechanics. I often feel bad that no one is coaching them on how to play baseball with correct throwing motion.

Most baseball coaches just don’t know how to help players learn how to throw a baseball properly. I am sure glad you are taking the time to take in a few baseball tips and pass them along. I hope this baseball article helps! Thanks for all you do for baseball.
‘Skip’ Holt

If you want to know more on catching and throwing tips, drills and techniques look at my Super Simple Guide to Coach Youth Baseball info page. I have several pages devoted to helpful throwing fundamentals.

Go Cards!

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