Coaching Baseball
101 Page Binder with 3 Audio CDs

3 Ring Binder workbook for coaching youth baseball

My books on coaching baseball now in HARD COPY format. Super Simple Guide to Coach Youth Baseball is your guidebook to working your way through a successful youth baseball season.

My approach is to develop baseball players with the kids in mind--not the adults. My approach is far different than you see in most coaching clinics, youth leagues and travel baseball teams.

See, I want to help coaches and parents develop baseball players--not using the short sighted, win-at-all-costs approach that is witnessed throughout youth baseball today.

Youth Baseball Coaching Tips CD's
Player Development is the Winning Model

Simply one the best books on coaching baseball. Not only do you get an entire 101 page workbook in a 3-Ring Binder with charts and diagrams--you get 3 audio CDs to listen to in your audio CD players. 

Yes, the baseball coaching book comes with 3 CD's so you can read it, see it, and hear it. Share it with your assistant coaches. One is reading and another coach is listening in their spare time. 

Everyone can be informed of your baseball coaching philosophy. Everyone can be on the same page. 



What Is In the Super Simple Guide
Includes 3 Audio CDs

Section 1: Youth Baseball Today

  • Inside Look at Amateur Baseball
  • What in the World Did I Get Myself Into?

  • College & Pro: Visions of Scholarships
  • Plan B: Something Other Than Sports
  • Exit Stage Left: Why Do Kids Leave Sports?
  • Age 13: The Big Transition Jump
  • The Perfect World
  • Win or Develop? Which Comes First?
  • Player Development: The Pro Baseball Model
  • Avoiding the Little League Parent Syndrome
  • Increased Anxiety: Watching Our Children
  • Act Like Grandparents
  • Set the Tone Adult Leaders
  •  Fig. 1.1 NCAA Probability Chart
  • Fig. 1.2 Why Kids Drop Out of Sports

PLUS: Audio CD of the entire Section 1!

Section 2: Coaching Amateur Baseball

1. In the Dugout: Preparations to be a Successful Coach

2. Over-Coaching: Know-it-all-itous Disease

3. Coach at Practice: Let ‘em’ Play When the Game Begins

4. Lookout for the Really Loud Coach

5. Tricks of the Trade

6. Failure is Part of the Game

7. Harp on the Good—Not Always on the Bad Stuff

8. Qualities of a Good Coach

9. Coaching Qualities Checklist

10. Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Respect for the Game

11. Teaching More Than the Game

12. Shake it Off

13. Diplomatic Skills: Pushy Parents

  • Parents Meeting Pre-Season
  • Keep Your Eyes Open for a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
  • Umpires Umpire—Players Play
  • Handling the Bleacher Creatures
  • Coaching From the Bleachers
  • Batting Slump
  • Gag Order

PLUS: Audio CD of the entire Section 2

Incredible Baseball Practice
Templates and Ideas Makes Practice a Blast

books on coaching baseball

Section 3: Let the Fun Begin

  • Baseball Practice Planning & Practice Drills
  • How Do I Organize Practice So Players Don’t Want to Leave
  • Having Fun by Playing For Something
  • Get Your Ducks in a Row: Pre-Season Preparations
  • Safety on Your Minds
  • Idle Hands are a Devil’s Tools
  • Developing a Practice Routine
  • Playing Catch: It All Starts Here
  • Vital Tips on Playing Catch
  • Bread & Butter: Catch & Throw Basics
  • Catching the Throw
  • How to Improve Throwing
  • Catch & Throw Drills & Games
  • Twenty One
  • Hot Potato Fast Catch
  • Relay Game
  • Four-Square
  • Hit-em-in-the-Chest Drill One Minute Drill
  • Kit-Kat Catch Game
  • Fig. 3.1 Spacing and Distance Playing Catch
  • Fig. 3.2 Long Toss Diagram
  • Fig. 3.3 Relay Game
  • Fig. 3.4  Hit-em-the-Chest Drill

PLUS: Audio CD of the entire Section 3

Bonus Section

Expert Interviews, Awesome Checklists &
Letter to Parents

  • 100 Point Coaches Checklist
  •  Interview With Former MLB Jack Perconte on Youth Baseball Coaching
  •  Interview With Author/Coach Dan Clemens on Youth Baseball Coaching
  •  Coaches Checklist with Umpires
  •  Top Baserunning Tips Checklist
  • How to Maximize Pre-Game Practice
  •  My Coaches Letter to Parents

3 CDs & Workbook = BASEBALL CLINIC

Normally the Super Simple Guide to Coach Youth Baseball workbook and the 3 Audio CDs would be a $57 Value. 

Coaching Workbook & 3 Coaching Audio CDs in A 3-Ring Binder

All for only $27 includes 3 CD's

$17 for Binder Only

Audio CD's
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How to Make Your Coaching
Life Easier
Goldmine of Youth Baseball Tips

Coaching Youth Baseball is not the easiest thing in the world. i am here to help you survive the craziness and thrive in a world that should be FUN!

  • You need some tools. 
  • You need an approach. 
  • You need some organizational skills. 
  • You need a player development mindset.
  • You need drills, teach skills and practice templates.
  • You Need my super Simple Guide to Coach Youth Baseball workbook and 3 CDs to help you develop baseball players

Great Opportunity to Read About it and Listen to the Audio CDs While you drive to and from work.

Make the Choice Now to Go ALL IN on

Player Development

$27 includes 101 Page 3-Ring Binder & 3 CD Audio Version With Bonus Section

Audio CD's

What They Say 

Who is Dave Holt the author?

Shipped within 24 hours of ordering.

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