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High Tempo© Baseball Practice Development

"This is More Fun Than the 'Real' Games"

I just wanted to share a message I got this week from one of our coaching peers. I thought you might like to read it. If you have not started using the High Tempo Baseball Practice System yet maybe this will push you to try it out.

This is why every youth league team, baseball coach, and league should be using High Tempo© Baseball Development Systems......

“I absolutely love the High Tempo© three team scrimmage at our practices.   Let me share a funny story that you can appreciate.   We had a player that was overcoming a minor injury who was able to run and throw, but wasn’t supposed to hit for the first couple weeks of practice.   When we got to the end of practice I mistakenly assigned him to one of the three teams.  

He hit, ran, and hooted and hollered, with me not even noticing that he still wasn’t supposed to be hitting yet.   At the end of practice, the mom of another player who was picking him up politely reminded me he wasn’t supposed to be hitting yet, that his mom would be picking him up tomorrow night, and to be sure she didn’t see him hitting when she was there.  

I realized my mistake and turned to the player standing nearby and asked him if he had participating in all the hitting drills.   He sheepishly said “No, you told me that I couldn’t participate in any hitting so I didn’t all of practice, but the High Tempo© scrimmage that we play at the end of practice is more fun than the real games that I couldn’t help myself”.   We all got a good laugh out of this.” Trent from Idaho

The High Tempo© 3 Team Practice Scrimmage is the most fun and the best drill in baseball. Yep, I said it. I have been pushing this drill for a long time. It should be in every coaches tool box and used at every on-field baseball practice.

The best fun drill is effective at all age groups. I have used it in just about all my high school varsity team practices and the players loved it. I have used it at my summer camps for almost 40 years.

Why Kids Love this Kind of Baseball

The kids absolutely love the drill. The drill is just a blast and I can’t blame this young player from admitting that the High Tempo© 3 Team Practice Drill is even more fun than the ‘real games’.

What makes the High Tempo Baseball Team Practice drill so much fun?

  • Limited pitches per at-bat
  • Tons of at-bats
  • The ball is continuously in play.
  • Constant baserunning and kids learn without assistance.
  • Large number of fielding and throwing opportunities
  • Keeps the double play in order
  • Kids play multiple positions
  • Makes kids aggressive hitters.
  • Coach Pitch and/or machine pitch.
  • Coaches act as facilitators.
  • Accelerated player development.

The perfect storm for kids having a blast playing baseball. Have you tried it out ye?

Why Start Using High Tempo© Baseball Development?

Introducing the High Tempo© Baseball Practice 'Competitive Game' Model and Watch the Fun-Level Skyrocket

Want to know more about how you can start using the High Temp© Baseball Practice System.

Once you and your players experience the enjoyment and fun from the High Tempo© Practice System then it’s time to graduate to the High Tempo Baseball Competitive Game System.

We use many of the same benefits from the practice system and integrate them into real competitive games.

Ask yourself this question….why would the young ballplayer in the story above say that his High Tempo© practices are more fun than “Real Games?”

Answer: Because the Real Games are boring, slow paced, little action, very few at-bats, standing around, walks, hit by pitch, not allowed to play multiple positions, coaches and parents yelling at the kids, and did I say boring.

Why would any adult (Big-people) want to force kids to play boring “Real Games” when they could so easily use High Tempo© Baseball Competitive Game Scrimmage Rules and release the kids to have a “blast”?

Answer: They have never seen a High Tempo Baseball Competitive Game Scrimmage. There is no comparison. Once the kids play it that’s all they want to do.

Plus, families can save so much time away from home and money just playing local scrimmage games nearby in their communities.

If you have not tried to implement High Tempo Baseball Practice Development in your local team and local leagues and your local travel ball group then it is time to start.

Let me know if you need any help to get it started. It is very easy to use and truly your players will love it. This is accelerated player development for all age groups.

Once you get the concept it becomes a quick baseball practice planner for all your practices.

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