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Converting to
High Tempo Baseball Development

Imagine If All Your Coaches Had Access to High Tempo© Baseball

Changing Your Youth Baseball Program

High Tempo baseball has been getting a lot of interest from youth baseball coaches asking about the many benefits to the features of High Tempo© Baseball Development Systems. 

Just about every one of us is bogged down in “Real Baseball” systems where we force kids to do things that they are not physically equipped to do very well especially at age 12 &under.

Are you a youth baseball coach, board member, travel ball parent or just have kids playing youth baseball? In any event, we are all stuck in this hamster wheel system where kids just don’t have enough opportunities to get better and have more opportunities for a higher enjoyment level.

We currently are in a “Big-people” dominated system where the ball games take total priority over player development as the hullabaloo around competition elevates the emotional needs and entertainment value for the adults.

So, how can we pivot from our current system into more of a common sense, player friendly format known as High Tempo© Baseball Development.

Questions For 'Big People' to Answer

How can we Add more practices?

Does your ballfield have lights? If so you are in business. Instead of two teams playing each other say on a Tuesday Night we bring one team (A) to the field at 5:45 – 6:45. The second team (B) takes the field 6:45 – 7:45.

Both teams get an hour on field to warm—up, do a drill like rapid fire fungo drill or fun-on-the run drill, and then have a half hour for the High Tempo 3 team scrimmage.

The key is to have a 30-minute pre and/or post practice supplement time to get your extra work in. Team (A) stays 30 minutes on the side of the field or areas near the field to do small group drills (SGD). Team (B) comes 30 minutes early to do their small group drills.

What are small group drills? Email me and I can set you up.

SIDE NOTE: Must have trained, properly prepared coaches that are familiar with this High Tempo© Development system.

How Do We Play Less Baseball Games?

The 'Big-People' will not like it but it's pretty simple.

Just stop scheduling as many competitive games. Games should be few and far between. Player development ramps up during practices, not games.

Convert over to bringing two teams in the same night and split the field time like we just talked about above.

SIDE NOTE: Try to pivot from playing “Make-Up” or rainout games. Let the kids practice instead. It’s like once the season starts we never practice.. and we wonder why turnover is so high.

**Unfortunately, a large amount of baseball parents and coaches just want to "play a game on Tuesday Night" They have zero interest in player development--they only want to be entertained by the excitement and emotions of their child playing a youth baseball game. Sad but true.

How Do We Pivot from playing
“Real Baseball?”

"Big-People" are Locked in on Keeping the Rules Intact

Easy, just think…”How can we bring player development and enjoyment to the game for the kids?”

And then look at the High Tempo© Baseball Development Systems and we walk you through the many modifications and adaptions that replace all the aspects of “Real Baseball” that destroys the flow and pace of the games.

How Do We Add More
Baseball Action?

Adding High Tempo Baseball and Speed Up Rules

Using High Tempo© Baseball Development scrimmage modifications and features we are able to increase competitive games effectiveness greatly.

The action is hugely increased as the ball is in play constantly. Kids have a chance to hit, run bases, make plays at a way higher capacity vs. a “Real Baseball” game rules. The fun-level for the kids is greatly improved.

**Unfortunately, many 'Big-people' only want to be entertained at their child's ball game on Tuesday night. They only see a "Real Baseball" game as means to feed this desire.

The 'Big-people' have blinders on and will not consider any improvements, alterations, modifications, adaptations or deviations to the game at all.

How Do We Keep More Kids in the Game Longer?

Too Many Kids Quit Playing Baseball Too Early

By letting the kids play without as much “Big-people” domination and direction. Make the game a little more freelance and sandlot style.

Quicken the pace, allow all the kids to swing the bat and experience multiple positions. Release the kids to take the game back.

Many kids age 12 & under drop out of baseball due to the lack of action during baseball games. Pace of play is slow and kids get very few reps during games.

Practices are very scarce and often poorly organized. Baseball becomes very boring for many kids especially with the lack of action, balls put in play, fielding opportunities, "big-people" yelling and screaming where to throw the ball and when to run.

It's no wonder we have a large turnover in youth baseball. It's simply not much fun for many kids.

How Do We Tamp Down the “Big-People’s” Desire to Win-at-All-Costs”

This is Not the Pro's-This is For Kids to Have a Blast While "Playing" Baseball

Stop playing “Real Baseball Games”. Pivot to our scrimmage format and modifications. Stop tracking standings, records, rankings, All-Stars (this is all about win-at-all-costs).

How Do We Wean-off Travel Ball?

Stop playing as many tournaments. Play local scrimmages vs. like-minded teams instead. Practice more using our High Tempo© Baseball Development format.

Young baseball players really don't need to play baseball six days a week and often 8 months a year. This is mostly from overboard 'Big-people' who have some fantasy about their child going college or pro someday. 

SIDE NOTE: Only about 6 or 7% of high school senior baseball players go on to play at the college level. Another fact is that there is no such thing as full-ride baseball scholarship.

It's Time to Convert Your League to High Tempo© Baseball Development

League Discounts Available

These are common sense ways to uplift the youth baseball experience and make it better for teams.

Let me know if you need my help to convert your local teams.more kids. It is time to start converting to High Tempo© Baseball style in your leagues and bring fun back to youth baseball.

League wide course content discounts are now available and for a very reasonable, affordable rate.

Imagine if every youth league baseball coach in your organization is fully trained in High Tempo© Baseball Practice Development?

High Tempo© Baseball Home Page

Coachandplaybaseball Home Page

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