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Travel Ball or Rec Ball?

by Scott
(North Carolina)

Skip I want to ask for your thoughts on a subject

that will be a problem this spring for our community. We have a LL program and
many travel teams and my son participates in both. We do have a lot of the
problems that are mentioned in your DVD set but also an obvious conflict now
with LL and travel ball. Not the players themselves because a lot try to do
both but with the adults that manage both. The directors of LL openly dislike
travel because it effects their enrollment numbers and money and of course it
comes down to the money again ! I would like for my son to play both and we
will have to make decisions on which game to play or practice to attend.
Travel ball with the exception of Allstars comes before LL usually but most of
the time with games it works out to do both with some extra driving. I
personally would like to see LL support the kids and lose the conflict and keep
the kids 1st in their decisions because my son likes to play LL because it's
"fun" and to me just more exposure. My son is a really good ball player and
baseball smart - much smarter than me and he is 11 !! We have talked about
just not playing LL this year and that makes me sad and him too because of the
increase in price of LL and fund raising requirements of LL and the comments
that we hear from LL. I don't think everyone has the best interest of the kids
in mind and I don't know the solution. Thanks for any comments. Scott
: Example : a new batting center opened up recently by good people and they
support LL and have kids that play LL but a lot of people in LL will not
support them now because they formed a few travel teams. I just don't
understand the mindset of parents/directors. I believe the LL's bank account
is in "very good shape" but this years they went up on fee AND require a 50
dollar fundraiser payment to be paid up front before player can play. I think
enrollment may be down this year and I hope some parents will speak up. I may
be wrong on the money and maybe they are going to build more fields or buy more
land but I don't think so Scott

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Aug 27, 2016

by: Coach Dave Holt

Yes there is certainly an ongoing competition for players. I do know many kids who do both a rec ball and travel ball(tournament ball).

That gets pretty crazy for parents to manage in just the time spent at baseball alone. I think it is probably enough for a kid to choose one or the other.

There has been no data that I have found that says playing more baseball under the age of 12U is going to make you go farther in baseball.
Thanks for your service to baseball.
Coach Dave Holt

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