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T-Ball Cheers

by T-Ball Mom

As a coach, should we be teaching our kids how to sing cheers because as Tom Hanks says "there's no cheering in baseball"

Since they are only 5 and 6 should they be cheering with songs etc. or not? If it is encouraged, where can I find some good cheers? THANKS

Dave's Response to T-Ball Cheers

I thought Tom Hanks was referring to ‘there is no crying in baseball’. I missed it if he was talking about cheers.

I do not recommend cheers in baseball. You can certainly cheer individually for your teammates at all times. Cheering and pulling for your teammates is definitely a characteristic that you want to build into your players.

That is one of the biggest benefits of baseball—learning how to become a good teammate.

Team cheers although not out of the question for t-ball age, are more suited for girl’s softball. Girls softball is big into team cheers. So lets leave the team cheers for the girls.

The t-ball boys have more baseball appropriate items to spend the focus of you time on.

Top Baseball Tips for T-ball

One of my biggest tips for t-ball players is to start the players batting lefthanded. It is supply and demand.

If one of your players is ever to reach the high school level of baseball then they will hug you for starting their careers batting lefty.

See, there is a huge need for lefthanded hitters in higher baseball and there are so few hitters that bat lefty. So a tee-ball baseball player

a huge favor and start them out at the early entry level ages by batting lefty.

More Baseball T-ball Practice Tips

Another tee-ball practice tip is to divide the group into three groups during practice. One group bats and runs the bases. Another group shags on defense. The last group is off to side catching fly balls and grounders.

Use safety-balls at this age so when someone gets a ball in the face it will not cause as much pain and suffering.

Typically you will see a tee-ball practice with one batter at the tee swinging and the other eleven spread out waiting to catch a ball. The top baseball players will play pitcher and shortstop and catch 90% of all the batted balls. Mean while, the other nine players are ‘picking flowers’.

Catch, Throw, Bat, & Field

Try to keep in mind to ask yourself the question: What can I do to have the most players handle the most catches and throws.

If you have a one-hour baseball practice plan then try to maximize how many swings, throws and catches each player gets in the hour.

The kids need to handle the ball. They will not be very good at ball handling at this age but they need to take as many turns as possible.

If you have time to work in a team cheer go for it. I think your time is better served to play pickle, have some relay races, and have the kids get more swings in. Leave the team cheers for the girls.

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