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Playing Positions and Playing Time: The Two Biggest Parent/Baseball Coaches Issues

by Dawn
(St. Paul, MN)

Dave- My son is 10 and loves Baseball!
This year we signed him up for traveling. The group that we are with has 5
coaches and one of them
will only put the coaches kids in where they want to play. Un fortunately, the
boys have only won three games- the coaches will have the boys warm up at 2nd
or short then when the game starts they are placed in a position where the team
does not benefit from their skills.- Do I say anything and just keep my mouth
shut. My son is so discouraged and not sure why the coaches do this- but
it is no longer fun! Thanks for your input. Dawn

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Jul 24, 2015
Enjoying Baseball
by: Coach Dave


First, I don't recommend travel ball until kids reach age 13...thats just me.
Second, I always make my players play multiple positions. The players should practice at SS and 2B because this is where the ball mostly is. Lefties always play 1B, P and outfield.

Third, Winning is ok to try for but player development trumps winning. The main goal for major league teams is winning. For youth baseball it is about competing, teamwork, sportsmanship and learning how to bounce back from adversity.

Wish you the Best
Coach Dave

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