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High Tempo© Baseball Development

Your "Must-Have" Future Path for Youth Baseball

Check out this comparison with High Tempo vs Current Youth Baseball

Side By Side Comparison Chart

High Tempo© Baseball Development Drill: Youth Baseball coaches really like good drills. Youth baseball coaches commonly take time to research and look for baseball drills for their teams.

I call it the endless searching for that “magic” drill. Lots of time is put into watching YouTube videos for that ficticious “magic drill”. This is a good thing to try to search for good drills for your players.

The truth is there really is no “magic drill” that will move the needle on hitting, pitching and fielding. At least not that I know of. Some videos out there have some benefits and some are baloney drills made by just anyone that claims to be a baseball expert.

How of you know what drills are good and what is not? I would just stop looking and just keep it simple using my favorite drills.

Purpose & Intent of

High Tempo© Baseball Development

The most important intent of High Tempo© Baseball Development is to turn the power and freedom of playing youth baseball back to the kids.

It is our philosophy and belief that allowing kids to play freely without the overbearing domination of adults is a much more enjoyable way to play the game and provides a template for more informal competition, more action in the pace-of play, and a higher degree of player development opportunities.

The next most important philosophical belief is to decrease the adult level of highly charged emotional attachment to winning games, pursuing league titles, conducting league playoffs, chasing tournament championships, and participation in all-star play-offs.

Competition within the kid’s peer groups is encouraged in all local games and practices. The structure of the rules and procedures allows room for plenty of competitive competition with age levels, but elevates the kids to be the focus during the activities and decreases the role and domination of the ‘Big-people’ (adults).

It is our hope to create this format that will empower the kids to be able to play the game at a high level of pace in order to increase reps, ball touches, at-bats, baserunning, and fielding at different positions.

In turn, this fast paced, action filled format will facilitate the kids more opportunities to have a higher enjoyment level during their playing careers. At the same time, we are diminishing the roles and the highly charged intensity levels of the ‘Big-people’ on and off the field.

Features & Benefits for High Tempo Baseball Development

Why We Need Modified Baseball

Current System is Too Slow

"Real Baseball" is Fake News

When we rely on kid pitchers in youth baseball the action slows down to a crawl. Often kids get 2 or 3 at bats and never see a strike or hittable ball to swing at.

Fielders rarely if ever get any fielding chances. Many times it becomes a walk fest with 20 or more walks per game. Hitters often get pegged by errant pitches and then become gun-shy stepping out on every pitch.

Catchers spend much of the time running to chase balls at the backstop

The games are often painful to watch. 

How can we call this 'Real Baseball'?

It's really NO baseball or very little.

Compare Current Leagues/Travel Ball vs High Tempo Baseball

This System Really Does 'Move the Needle'

My Favorite Best Baseball Drill

Coaches All Over the USA Are Doing It!

I use a drill that does move the needle. It’s called the High Tempo© Baseball Development system. And many coaches all over across the country are finding out how valuable it really is.

What does the High Tempo© Baseball Development Drill Do?

1.     Creates Action: Constant, non-stop baseball action. The games just keep moving and the action is continuous non-stop.

2.     Provides Many, Many Reps: Players are constantly in motion on the bases and making defensive plays making their own risk/reward decisions.

3.     20-25 At-bats: Yes, kids can easily get this many at-bats in 60-75 minutes of play. Play this twice per week and you can see where kids will approach 45-50 at-bats per week just using High Tempo© Baseball in your practices.

4.     Multiple Positions: Kids rotate around to play  and experience several positions during the drills.

5.     Let’s the Kids Play: Kids run bases and make decisions without constant adult domination and over-coaching.

6.     Brings the “Fun-Level” Higher: Kids get to play baseball in a constant pace of play in a format that minimizes adult interventions and puts the competition in their own hands.

7.     Pace Car Coaching: Puts the Adult coaches in a role as more of a “facilitator” and “mentor” rather than fire breathing dictatorship dominating the kids game by pulling all the puppet strings.

This is the Best Baseball Drill I have ever used. It is available now for you to utilize for your youth baseball and softball teams. It is good for any and all age levels from tee-ball to High School.

It can be used by a single team practicing internally, and/or for competitive games vs. another opponent.

High Tempo© Baseball Practice Format Training Course

How Does High Tempo© Baseball

Development Work?

Yes, I have put together a player development system called High Tempo© Baseball Development. It has a couple of major components.

Practice Game Format Within Your Internal Team

1.     Phase One involves a guidebook and procedures for using the system within your own team. It’s an incredible tool for your practice planning.

Works exceptionally well for groups of 10 to 12 players and can expand up to 15 or more. Allows for an enormous amount of player involvement and opportunities to hit, field, run and play the game of baseball in a small amount of time.

Game Format for Competitive Games vs Opponents

2.     The second component involves the Phase II guidebook and format for playing competitive games vs another opponent. This utilizes several rules and procedures that vastly increases game action and quickens the pace of play.

Can We Play Scrimmages vs Opponents Using

High Tempo© Baseball Development?

Answer: YES! Great question.

The format and procedures are developed to easily fold it into competitive games for ages 12 & under and even 14 & under. The current overly competitive, adult emotional driven model forces kids to play in a stressed out, highly pressurized, slow paced games made for photo opts for the parents.

Implementing High Tempo© Baseball Phase II into scrimmages vs. another like-minded team is a game-changer for our baseball kids. It’s like the game just gained an electrifying pace of play and released the kids from highly charged, emotionally dominating “big-People”.

Eventually, we will move into Phase III and have the entire league use the High Tempo© Baseball Development Model.  

Join in the action by picking up my just released instructional course that gives you the step-by-step processes on how to put the High Tempo© Baseball into action.

It Is Very Easy to Keep "Following the Herd"

Modifications for the Game of Youth Baseball & Softball

One of my former field managers in my minor league baseball days was a guy named Rac Slider. I played for Rac for several seasons and was his assistant coach one season prior to becoming a field manager myself.

I learned a vast amount of baseball from Rac. He was great at showing us how to work, teach and develop ballplayers. Rac and his wife own a small cattle ranch in Texas near the Arkansas border.

Rac would talk about his cows with me sometimes. He told me once that cows will always follow the herd. If one cow gets up and starts walking down the path the rest of the herd will end up following the lead cow down the path.

Cows are far different from us humans but in some ways we ‘Big-people’ often copy this same behavior. Especially when it comes to youth baseball development.

Rarely will anyBig-people’ even consider NOT following the herd. We keep meandering down the path all staying in line and never sticking our necks out to deviate far off that path.

We just keep running or leagues, teams, all-stars, and tournaments the same way every season with little or no thought if there might be a better way to do things. We constantly chase all-star stardom and tournament rings.

Quote: “Men, it has been said think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they  only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” Charles Mackay 1841

Yes, one-by-one, slowly youth baseball coaches are looking for better alternatives and options to let their kids develop their baseball skills and enjoy the game more of the time.

I have been talking about Accelerated Baseball Development for a long time. And coaches and parents across the country have been implementing this system into their player development model with huge success stories.

Who Will Be First to Leave the Herd?

I am trying to see who will be the first to put this competitive game portion of Accelerated Baseball Development to work in their own leagues and competition as the standard format and template.

I have a ton of coaches that are very successfully using the Accelerated Baseball Development portion within their own teams. Now we need to see us roll into using this system as the template for competitive games.

Take a Look at High Tempo© Baseball Development Practice Format Coaching Course 

What They Say....

High Tempo© Baseball Development In Action

Here are some messages I wanted to share that I have been sent recently from some coaches using this High Tempo© Baseball practice format...

Hi DJ, Jordan had a blast yesterday playing High Tempo© Baseball. Thank you for coordinating such and awesome program.”

“Another great High Tempo© Baseball game last night. Had four new players I can speak for many of the players that they were tired after an hour and all had at least 15-20 at bats.”

“My son on the way home said, “I could play this (High Tempo© Baseball) every day. It is so much fun!”

“Thank you for putting this together. Mason had so much fun last week and is looking forward to playing (High Tempo© Baseball) again next weekend,”

“Holy Cow! We have 18 kids coming out tomorrow. I’m thinking of changing it up from the 3-team format to the competitive 9 vs 9 format. I can’t believe the support with this style of baseball.”

“DJ, thank you for coordinating this High Tempo© Baseball. This was the best baseball I have watched all year. I could have sat there for another couple hours! I agree, this is so much fun!”

How to Order the High Tempo© Baseball System 'Coaching Course'

In order to teach the coaches how to implement this baseball development system I have condensed the guidelines, formats and procedures into a teaching course. 

It is very easy to consume and explains the rationale and purpose to the adaptations. Here is what the coaching course will help you with.

  • Video lessons on how to put the 3-team format to work.
  • Audio lessons on the Accelerated Baseball system.
  • PDF lessons explaining the formats, guidelines, options, adaptations, rules, procedures for all age groups.
  • Lifetime access. 
  • I will be available to help you with questions and suggestions.
  • One-stop coaching course to completely change your baseball coaching style and build confidence in your players.

Check Out the High Tempo© Baseball Development Practice Format Coaching Training Course 

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