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459 Essential Tips Baseball Tips?

459 Essential Baseball Tips

If you coach or play you must have the baseball tips in my collection of baseball checklists.  You can either buy the 459 Essential Tips for Baseball Coaches and players or receive them ABSOLUTELY FREE along with all sorts of additional helpful tools.

Fill out the form below and you will immediately receive a free 45-page eBook called “Having Fun Yet? 459 Essential Baseball Coaching & Playing Tips” which includes:

  • Powerful Baseball Coaching Tips 100 Point Checklist: A handy reference for any baseball coach pack filled with baseball tools and positive advice for running a smooth baseball team and making baseball fun again. Good for entry level or experienced coaches and assistant coaches.
  • Indispensable 50 Point Base running Checklist: Rarely does the volunteer baseball coach have the knowledge to share with their players to run the bases with baseball sense. Use the base running baseball tips to teach our team base running like the pros.

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  • Terrific 50 Point Catchers Checklist: More baseball tips for every catcher at any level. Coaches can go to the list to bring teachable moments to the ball field every day.
  •  Your Career Depend on the 50 Point Hitting Checklist: I always say, “Hitters will go as far as their bat takes them.” You better be able to swing it! Or you may be on to something else real soon. You better be able to help your hitters be aggressive or they may be out of baseball sooner than later.
  • Survival Checklist for T-Ball Coaching: Tee Ball can be the easiest coaching job if you do a few simple things right. If not it could be real ugly. Start the kids out the right way.
  • 67 Point Crucial Pitching Tips Checklist:</b> Fantastic reference list to go over with pitchers at any level. <p><b>
  • Vital Pre-game Practice Plan in Increase Baseball Touches: Do you want to ramp up your baseball team’s skills? You might not be taking full advantage of the pre-game to improve baseball skills. Maximize the times players handle the baseball by incorporating a smart pre-game routine.
  • Must Have 25 Point Outfielder Checklist: Plenty of baseball tips for outfielders at any level. 
  • Masterful 25 Point Shortstop Checklist: Baseball tips for middle infield players. Takes the guesswork out playing. Where to be and how to do it in one easy list.
  • Introducing the Second baseman’s 25 Point Checklist: A busy position and you have to know where to be and when to be there. Helpful tips for any middle infielder and coaches teaching points.
  • Baseball Parents. Do You Know Whom Your Coaches Are? Baseball coaches better get that pre-season meeting planned and ready to go. Want to know what questions and answers to ask? 
  • My Name Is Not ‘BLUE’. Helpful ways to make sure the umpires get the respect they deserve even though we know going in that they will miss some calls.


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