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Hi The Real Secret to Baseball Coaching"Swing It! Vol.108”
March 08, 2013

The Real Secret to Baseball Coaching

Pre-Season Time to Prep

What is your coaching style? Why do you coach? What do want to accomplish?

Are you going to be a good practice coach or diss practice and just play the games?

Are you going to be a win-at-all-costs approach or try to develop players to someday reach high school baseball?

Are you jounaling or reflecting on questions like this?

We can do tremendous good OR dreadful harm to young baseball players.

Only one in five coaches has recieved any training on coaching and managing youth ball players. Spend some time really reflecting on what type of coaching approach you are going to have.

Building Your Coaching Approach

Creating a Minor League System

See how to send your players to the Major Leagues. The local high team is your major league team. Only a select few make it this far. See how to build a minor league system.

Your Local Minor League System

Schedule Your Pre-Season Meeting

Pre-Season Meeting is a must.

Every players parent's must attend so you go over your procedures, policies, philosophy and introduce your staff.

Pre-Season Parent/Coaches Meeting

March 2013 Vol. 108 Topics

Revolutionize Baseball Coaching - DVDs NOW HERE!

I am starting to produce a series of DVD's on my baseball development training system.

Our current player development system does not work nearly as well as it should.

Why? Too much emphasis on winning and not enough focus on training baseball players.

The DVD's videos will give you and your entire youth baseball league a real live on-camera system to follow in order to properly approach youth baseball with the greatest return on investment.

JUST RELEASED 3 Volume Series on How to Revolutionize Coaching Youth Baseball

A Virtual COACHING CLINIC on your own TV

DVD Video Topics in Brand New Player Development Series


Youth baseball coaches BEWARE!

You can ruin careers unless you know what to say and when to say it.

Hitters have to hit or it is GAME-OVER and you are quickly out of baseball. You better get this part right.

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