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Hi Winning: How to Define It 'Swing It! Vol.119
February 27, 2014

How Do Your Define Winning?

How do you define winning in youth sports and youth baseball in particular? I have said that winning below the high school level is really irrelevant. Yes, winning is really meaningless. Oh ya, of course we all like to win ballgames.

But, the game outcomes should not be the end all in measuring success or not. Now I do like to keep score. Although the final score likely is not really that important in the whole scheme of things.

What is really more important than winning is developing people. We can often have a teachable moment when we lose or experience failure or difficulties. Grinding through some tough times builds us stronger.

When everything comes too easy and we win all the time than we get a false sense of the real world. Life is going to bring ups and downs and so will baseball.

There is a ton of failure in baseball. Therefore we have to derive more of our pleasures and enjoyment from the game in ways other than only winning.

I never mention winning to my players. I do talk about playing the game well. And if we play the game well then we usually will win more than we lose.

Playing the game well takes care of the winning. Sometimes we can play pretty lousy and still win a game. Other times we can play really good and still come up short.

Trying to play the game well is the goal.

Below high school baseball the emphasis needs to promote an atmosphere of player development. You can win all you want but if you can't hit, throw and field the ball at age 13 and over its game over for the majority of kids.

We better have a player development based system in place if we are going to produce plenty of baseball players. If we do our player development job well-- winning will take care of itself.

Throwing Impossible: Catch & Throw Make-Over

Why do baseball coaches shy away from coaching players when it comes to throwing?

I am taking a deep look into throwing. I have a new video in production to attack this problem.

I have a system to develop throwing and fostering a 'team culture' on your team that builds throwing into your team skills.

I always said, "players will go as far as their bat takes them." Well, it sure helps to be able to throw the ball accurately, hard, and get rid of it quickly, too. My throwing system will empower coaches and players to take throwing seriously.

Coaching Certification: Are We Ready to Certify Everyone?

If you have not had a chance:

Please take the survey from the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) to give us your input on your thoughts about coaching certification.

American Baseball Coaches Association Survey

Let me know what you think.


Dave Holt ABCA certification committee

Charleston, SC

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March 2014 Vol. 119 Additional Topics

Videos Coaching Baseball

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Our current player development system does not work nearly as well as it should.

Why? Too much emphasis on winning and not enough focus on training baseball players.

The 3-DVD's videos will give you and your entire youth baseball league a real live on-camera system to follow in order to properly approach youth baseball with the greatest return on investment.

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Comments? Ideas, Feedback?

I’d love to hear form you . Just reply to this zine and tell what you think! I’m here to help where I can!

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Until next time, Thanks for your service to Baseball!

Dave Holt
Baseball Development
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