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Hi Swing It! #104 “Something every coach needs to know.”
September 20, 2012

Something Every Coach Needs to Know

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Everyone likes to win. Playing to win is kind of in our DNA. Unfortunately, winning has taken over our youth baseball leagues.

It is like we run our youth league teams as mini major league baseball clubs. Winning-at-all-costs approaches take over. The parents see their kids leagues as a younger version of the American and National leagues.

Coaches need to know that youth baseball is not the pros. Winning is a great feeling but is almost insignificant. I say this because if players do not develop proper skills in hitting, pitching, fielding and throwing their days are numbered. Especially after the kids reach 13 years and older. If you have flaws in your game you are quite likely to soon drop out of baseball.

Don't let the adults take away the enjoyment of playing baseball from the kids.

Coaches need to know that you may be a Win-at-all-costs Coach if…..

Stuff Good Players Do:
September 2012 Vol. #105 Topics

Some baseball tips every coach should know. Share with your players some inside baseball tips. "

A teacher affects eternity. You can never tell where their influence will cease." Henry Adams

Vital Baseball Tips Coaches Use

My Letter to Baseball Parents

Something every coach needs to know. WRITE it down. Get out a piece of paper and write down your baseball coaching approach. Develop your coaching style.

Put your thoughts and philosophies on paper. Craft a letter or a list of how you want to operate your ballclub. How are you going to approach winning and losing, developing, playing time, umpires and communication with parents.

My Letter to Parents

100 Point Baseball Coaching Checklist
50 Point Checklist for Hitters

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September 2012 Vol. #105 Topics

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