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Need help with signs? Vol.146 October 2016
October 13, 2016

Overkill? Baseball Signs are Overrated

For youth baseball coaches, putting on signs draws a lot of interest. How do I know this? Because on my website

Coach and Play Baseball the most popular pages are my baseball signs articles.

That is where people land when they search for putting on baseball ‘signs’.

I also know from my personal experience on the field being around youth coaches they are obsessed with flashing signs. In my “Building a Culture of Hitting I go over how really NON-ESSENTIAL baseball signs really are for the teams below high school varsity baseball.

Since we don’t bunt and we don’t ‘take’ pitches all that is left is the ‘steal’ sign. (Just scratch your ear or something)

Why All the Interest in Giving Signs?

So why is there such a curiosity and desire for youth coaches to find out about giving signs?

Simple—coaches are seeking credibility.

I think it is because in the youth baseball coaches mind they think,

“If I flash a bunch of signs from the 3B coaching box,” or, “I sit on a bucket out in front of the dugout and ‘call pitches’, I am seen as a legitimate coach…and everyone in the ballpark can clearly see me in action.”

I (youth coach) am establishing my street ‘cred’ and the perception is “I am running the puppet strings here.”

SIDE NOTE: (MLB coaches do not call pitches—they do call pick-offs to 1B and pitchouts. On TV the bench coach or managers are giving signs to the catcher to defend the running game).

In other words what the coaches are saying to themselves is, “I have to ‘trick’ the kids and parents into believing I can coach by putting on a bunch of signs.”

It’s like in football where the coach ‘signals’ the play into the QB.

The sign flashing gives the visual observation to the participants that...

“I am THE coach and I am dictating everything, and the proof is in the act of flashing all these hand signals or calling out ‘colors’ so ‘I am pretty much proving that I can coach.”

Stop Faking It & Try This

You don't have to put on a 'Show'. You are a good coach. You know why you are really there for...

Time step up and be a ‘REAL’ baseball coach.

Quit trying to trick folks to think you can coach by flashing meaningless signs.

‘REAL’ coaches know:

• How to release kids to play the game.

• How to ‘Build a Culture of Hitting’

• The important aspects of their coaching approach.

• How to use their time towards teaching, mentoring, modeling and developing.

• Really loud coaches are not always the best.

• How to maneuver winning vs. player development

• How to look for ‘teachable moments’.

• How to Build kids up - - not tear them down.

And I can go on and on and on…

More Coaching Info

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Video How to Coach Hitters During Games Part 1

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