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Surefire Coaches Cheat Sheet Vol.147 November 2016
November 03, 2016

What If I Did Just This?

My wife keeps nudging me to create something simple for coaches to coach baseball. She gets tired of hearing my disapproval of coaches methods so she says, “Dave, why can't you just give the coaches something quick, simple and easy to follow?”

I keep saying to her, “Honey, there is too much philosophical material to comprehend and understand to just put it on a short list.” And then she gives me the ‘look’, which means to me to just try and do it. (She is right 99.9% of the time)

She wants me to give coaches a surefire checklist or cheat sheet…provide a resource to follow that says if you do this checklist you will be successful.

Successful is NOT measured by wins and losses—but it measured by the degree you can help kids get better and enjoy playing the game.

10 Item Cheat Sheet

Here goes…

10 Point Cheat sheet for Baseball Coaches

1. Develop a communication system that builds a culture of hitting.

The best hitters have the most fun, play for a longer time period and get more playing time. Kids should want to hit the ball hard, far and often.

It is totally up to the adults to foster a ‘culture of hitting’. The better you can hit—the higher the fun-factor playing the game. The #1 reason why kids drop out is they can’t hit the ball hard often enough.

my “Building a Culture of Hitting

I Never Have Enough Pitchers

2. Develop and endless supply of pitchers.

I have a minimum number of pitchers required to have a complete pitching staff. If you don’t have enough pitchers then it is your fault.

Never run Short of Pitching

Is Practice Boring?

3. Make practice fun and competitive.

Saw it again the other day…one kid hit and the rest standing around shagging.

Seriously? Are we trying to make kids quit and go play soccer?

I have so many resources to help you become a really good practice coach. STOP having boring practices.

Baseball Resources for Practice Planning

3-Team It

4. Play coach-pitch scrimmages.

Kids in any sport like to scrimmage. Use my 3-team formula to play intrasquad games at every practice.

How To Use the 3 -Team format for Practice

More Coaching Info

One Position ALL Should Play

5. Let kids play multiple positions.

In my practices I teach all kids to play this one position. (Except lefties play pitcher, 1B, and OF). If you can play this particular position then you can adjust to just about any position of the field.

play multiple positions

My Name is NOT 'Blue'

6. Avoid dwelling on the umpires.

Umpires at any level of the game will never measure up to our expectations. Learn to work with umpires but stay with your kids. Focus on the players and refrain from making the umpires a focal point of your coaching.

Coaching Basebal Resourcesl baseball umpire: checklist to work with umps

Pace Car Approach

7. ‘Release’ the kids to play the games.

Learn what the pace-car approach is all about. We should not be acting as dictator and pulling every string. Let the kids play…teach them at practice.

The Game Will Tear You Down

8. Build them up—Don’t tear them down.

Players don’t sign-up to play and be in a 2 hour TIME-OUT.

Stop criticizing (nag, nag, nag) all the time and dwelling about all the bad things.

There is going to be a bunch of mistakes if you play baseball, so expect failure and teach kids not be happy with their mistakes, but able to quickly move on and bounce back from adversity.

Good teachers teach.

Best Coaches Treat Players Differently

I Want to Help Kids Throw Better

9. Teach the ‘bow & arrow’ throwing method.

This is the way MLB players throw. My system is available if you would like to see it.

Teaching MLB Baseball Throwing

Please Make Sure of This One

10. Organize a mandatory pre-season parent/coaches meeting.

Explain your philosophy and procedures. Get it out on the table. Stuff like, “ZERO coaching from the bleachers”, and “we are going to swing the bat.”

Why Do a Baseball Pre Season Meeting


Create a positive teaching system that builds teamwork, encourages sportsmanship, allows kids to appropriately manage failure, promotes competiveness, and nurtures enthusiasm.

Do you want kids to play with tension, anxiety and pressure—or play with toughness, calmness, focus and a little bit of FUN-NESS?

Yes Dave, I want to see what else you have as a resource for coaches.

Baseball Impossible Player Development Makeover Game Coaching

Its Coming...Brand New Book

Your own system to Build a Culture of Hitting

Start by taking my hitting culture quiz...

UNSTOPPABLE Culture of Hitting Cheatsheet

Click on the Link

Test takes about 5 minutes to finish.

It's Easy on our brains.

PS. My brand new book How to 'Build a Culture of Hitting' is getting close to being released.

My entire hitting system will be available for everyone soon.

Click the link so I can send you the free 'CULTURE OF HITTING' Test.

See where your team/organization scores.

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Until next time, Thanks for your service to Baseball!

Dave Holt
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