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Yep, you are going to flunk Vol.145 September 2016
September 08, 2016

I'm Betting You Flunk my

'Culture of Hitting' Test

Building a Culture of Hitting

Common Sense Approach

I have said plenty of times a ‘player will go as far as their bat takes them’.

Is hitting important? Yes, it’s really, really important.

Do the best hitters stay in the game longer? Yes, I think so. You don’t see too many good hitters sitting on the bench very long.

Troy Silva said it this way.

“Your success in baseball is dictated by how well you can hit. You get your accolades on how well you can hit. You play at the next level on how well you can hit.

You continue to play a position you are not very good at if you can hit. The other thing it does for you is it builds a confidence and it builds a fun factor.

No one has fun when they are slumping or not hitting well. You got to hit well. No one comes home after a game and says, “You know what, I was 0 for 4 and I had three strikeouts, but I played really good defense—‘whoo’-‘who’—‘yippee’ —that was really great.”

No, no one does that. You got to hit. You got to hit often because your future will be dictated by how well you can hit.” Tony Silva: Author 9 Innings of Hitting

Hitting Ability Dictates Our 'FUN_LEVEL'

Does hitting increase the ‘Fun’ Level for a player?

Indeed it does! Players who cannot hit well will more than likely not want to hang around the game very long because it becomes demoralizing, frustrating and embarrassing.

There is no joy in Mudville when hitters struggle to hit the ball hard.

Parents are frustrated and this likely spills over into increased level of criticism on the kid from the parents (and less praise and accolades).

The kid is upset and demoralized feeling more and more degraded. Eventually the players who can’t hit well start heading for the exits and find other stuff to do with their time.

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Who Wants to See How High They Can Score

If hitting is this important that our fun-factor level, our overall enjoyment, and longevity in the game is correlated to it then why don’t we do everything we can to put hitting at the top of the list of player development importance?


Our youth baseball organizations do not know how to fully implement it. We just do not have a system in place to develop hitters properly. We shoot ourselves in our foot by deceiving ourselves in the appearance of trying to help.

Our coaches think they are helping but oddly and unknowingly the coaches and parents are ruining hitters.

Now, our mostly volunteer army of youth baseball coaches put in a tremendous amount of their own time and sacrifice to do what they do. We could not operate our teams and organizations without our coaches.

At the same time we need to help the coaches and adults by giving them the tools and knowledge to best equip them to be able to create and Build a culture of developing hitters.

Lets show the adults how to implement the best system to increase player enjoyment and success.

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Video How to Coach Hitters During Games Part 1

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