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HiSwing It! #103 “The Biggest Mistake Baseball Coaches Make”
July 19, 2012

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Are we having fun yet? Youth baseball coaching and playing can be quite frustrating. Often as a player it is hard to find achievement.

Baseball is very difficult to conquer and play consistently well. Success is fleeting.

Coaches have a tough gig too. Keeping the players and baseball parents happy is just about as easy as climbing Mt. Everest—pretty much impossible for most of us.

Did you do a Pre-Season Meeting? Uh-oh. Might of come in handy now. My Coaches letter to baseball parents.

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July 2012 Vol. #103 Topics

“The Biggest Mistake Baseball Coaches Make”

Playing time, playing positions, lineups, who is going to pitch? Do I try to win the pennant or develop players? Dealing with baseball parents who can be very emotional about their child’s welfare.

All these topics and many more should be well thought through before the season. My letter to parents along with the pre-season parents/coaches meeting will go along way to head off some the major youth coaching issues.

Terrific 50 Point Catching Tips Checklist

The catching position is the most physically and mentally grueling position on the field. Plus you know going in that you are going to get hit by the ball.

This leaves us with ‘slim pickens’ as far as possible candidates. Few will put themselves through the rigors and intensity required to run the ballclub on the field.

Those that do are usually a head above most players.

See my list of Catching Tips.

A Must Have 25 Point Outfielder Tips Checklist

Outfielders can be kind of forgotten players. We kind of put them on the back burner at times.

Often we do not know what to do with them except hit them some fly balls. Use the Outfielder Checklist to coach and teach the outfielders the tricks of the game.

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