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Hi Saving Lives: Have you Been Checked? 'Swing It! Vol.125
August 08, 2014

Teaming Up With 'Fans for the Cure'

I first met Ed Randall my first year in professional baseball in 1979 playing for the Elmira Red Sox in the New York / Penn League. Ed was doing the radio play-by-play coverage for our games and we crossed paths often during the summer at beautiful Dunn Field in Elmira.

Ed went on to be one of the nation’s preeminent baseball interviewers, hosting the nostalgia show “Remember When” on XM Channel 89 and Sirius 209, “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” on WFAN Radio in New York, and serving as an internet host in the multimedia department of and as the recent post-game analyst on the commercial telecasts of the New York Yankees.

Ed’s greatest life work is his response to being granted a second at-bat as a Prostate Cancer survivor with the founding of “Ed Randall’s Fans of the Cure,” a non-profit charity dedicated to the proposition of spreading the twin gospels of Prostate Cancer awareness and education.

Ed called me last week to see if I could find someone to be an emergency fill-in to staff his minor league promotion booth at the Charleston River Dogs game. This was one of over 170 ballgames this summer that the ‘Fans for the Cure’ Prostate Awareness campaign takes place in minor league ballparks across the country.

I told Ed I was happy to cover the Prostate Cancer awareness booth during the game as it worked out perfect in our schedule as two of our grown children were in town with their families. Fortunately, my family agreed with me as I volunteered them without consulting with them to check and see if they wanted to do it. Thanks to my family; as I knew they would come through.

• Prostate Cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America.

• A man is 33% more likely to get Prostate Cancer than a woman is to get Breast Cancer.

• There is a 96%-97% cure rate of Prostate Cancer if detected early.

• The Prostrate Education Council recommends that all men should have an annual screening for Prostate Cancer beginning at age 40.

So, please talk to your doctor about prostrate cancer screening. I am getting my appointment set too.

Left in the Wake of Williamsport

August on ESPN

ESPN continues to exploit our 11-12 year olds by televising non-stop all the Little League All-Star games during the month of August.

Meanwhile, thousands of ballplayers had to stop playing baseball in early June in order to finish local playoffs and to get a handful of teams on TV before school starts again.

I have some better common sense ideas and solutions that are player development minded. It does not include national TV, all the adult infused, intoxicating hoopla that all-stars bring with it.

I guess my boring player development model just makes too much sense. My player development model actually produces ballplayers instead of shutting down the local programs in early June leaving the majority of kids in the wake of the boat churning towards Williamsport.

Unique Player Development Strategies for local organizations.

Latest News at Coach and Play Baseball

Latest News from Coach and Play Baseball

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I often use the measuring stick by seeing how many of your ballplayers return to play the next year. Are you helping kids to get better, enjoy the game, and build on the experiences of being a good teammate?

Are you attracting players to baseball or driving them out? Are you a magnet to players or a repellent?

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Private baseball lessons will be available soon too using Face Time. We can schedule a time to meet and conduct hitting, pitching, fielding and throwing lessons anywhere in the world.

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August 2014 Vol. 125 Additional Topics

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Comments? Ideas, Feedback?

I’d love to hear form you . Just reply to this zine and tell what you think! I’m here to help where I can!

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Until next time, Thanks for your service to Baseball!

Dave Holt
Baseball Development
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