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Hi Playing Time Guaranteed if You Show the Money: 'Swing It! Vol.118
January 30, 2014

Show Me the Money & Guarantee Playing Time

Travel Teams Baseball Vs. Recreation Leagues: The 'Cover Up'

Travel teams baseball has grown steadily in popularity over the last twenty years. What does this mean?

It means parents as coaches have taken baseball into their own hands and started their own baseball travel teams.

But why start up your own baseball team? Why break away from the local Rec. baseball leagues and go independent with traveling baseball teams?

Let’s look into this phenomenon a little deeper.

This issue takes you to my recent article on how Pay for Play Travel Baseball has evolved into what it is today--A cover-up.

All the Myths on Travel Baseball. What is really going on in youth traveling baseball today.

See the 'Real Story' on Travel Baseball

Coaching Certification Survey from ABCA

Thanks for helping out. If you didn't get a chance to take the coaching certification survey last month or you want to share it with your fellow coaches here is the link to the survey and the story behind it.

Hey Baseball friends!

I was fortunate to sit in on the American Baseball Coaches Association committee meeting last week in Dallas. I have been assigned to get online feedback from folks at and Linkedin groups and all of you.

This pretty much explains where we are at....

"The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) and USA Baseball are considering putting together a National Coaching Certification Program for all levels of coaches throughout the United States.  

This would be somewhat similar to what soccer and hockey have created.  The concept would be to encourage ALL national organizations to participate (USA, NFHS, LL, CR, BR, Pony, AAU, USSSA, Triple Crown, Perfect Game and more...).  "

We all recognize the issues in youth baseball today.  The ABCA board of directors has approved and let us loose to begin building coaching training on a national level. 

At this point we are gathering input and doing surveys to put together a plan to go forward. We know it will take time and will be an uphill pull but we are committed to making youth baseball a better player development system for kids.

What I would like to ask from you, if you approve, is to participate in the online survey. This will give the ABCA feedback for planning the best action plan.

This is the link to the survey form that we would like to get in front of everyone.

It only takes a couple minutes to finish it and submit.

Thanks for Everything you do for our baseball kids!

American Baseball Coaches Association Survey

Let me know what you think.


Dave Holt ABCA certification committee

Charleston, SC

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February 2014 Vol. 118 Additional Topics

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Comments? Ideas, Feedback?

I’d love to hear form you . Just reply to this zine and tell what you think! I’m here to help where I can!

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Until next time, Thanks for your service to Baseball!

Dave Holt
Baseball Development
Charleston, SC Coach & Play Baseball Home Page

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