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Hi Swing It! #104 “Have You Been taught to...?”
August 16, 2012

Have You Ever Been Taught to...?

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Have you ever been told or heard stuff like...

1. "throw you hands at the ball"
2. Swing down for 'back spin'
3. Keep your head down,
4 Keep your back elbow up.
5. Keep the barrel above the hands.
6. don’t dip your back shoulder.
7. Hit the ‘top half of the ball’.
8. Lock and load.
9. Let the ball travel.
10. Keep you front elbow down.
11. squish the bug.
12. Wait and see where the pitch is before deciding to swing-it.

If so, then why do the professionals often do things completely different?

Much of the coaching in youth baseball is far different than the pros do it.

Professional Hitting Tips and Baseball Training

When Should You Pay for Baseball Training?
August 2012 Vol. #104 Topics

Baseball training is well worth your while if you can find a good one. It is costly though especially for a good instructor.

That is the problem. Good ones are hard to find. Getting your moneys worth is sometimes evasive.

Some well intentioned but unknowledgeable baseball coaches are probably not worth your money (although they likely are better than the youth coaches).

It may take some research to really find the right baseball training instructor. Players with a professional background are rare but they are out there.

You might want to consider hiring baseball training when...

1. Your expertise as parent/coach is no longer effective.
2. Too much frustration happens when you and your kid clash when practicing together.
3. Your youth coaches are limited in their coaching knowledge and cannot help the kids with the finer points of the game.
4. At an early age when you want habits to formed in the correct manor.
5. Players become frustrated and struggle to play the game well.
6. When players move up to the 13 and over level. If they can hang in there for a couple years they might be fortunate to reach the high school baseball level.
7. When the parents do not have time to practice with their kids outside of team activities.

Remember that 75% of kids drop out of youth sports by age 14 so be cautious with your money.

90% of players will not play though high school. ( You have to have a little talent to survive in this game)ember that 75% of kids drop out of youth sports by age 14 so be cau

You Go As Far As Your Bat Takes You

Hitting is huge. The best hitters usually stay in the game the longest and get the most playing time.

The right baseball training can really help develop your hitting. The wrong hitting advice like at the top of the page can do some harm.

You Go As Far As Your Bat Takes You
100 Point Baseball Coaching Checklist
50 Point Checklist for Hitters

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August 2012 Vol. #104 Topics

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