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"Double" Package

Basic entry level online lesson package. Have you just started playing or are you struggling more than you think you should? Start with this package and get back on track.

Includes 3 video lessons per month and one (1) live discussion with your instructor. Players from all over the country take advantage of professional baseball instruction and feedback and often see instant results.




1.     You can easily send your videos to us and we use Coaches Eye to critique and review your situation. Usually it’s as easy as sending a text message or email.

With the assistance of Coaches Eye, I will breakdown the video swings you send me with on-screen mark-ups, feedback and audio coaching.

2.     Pro Instruction: Get expert analysis from Professional Baseball Coach Dave Holt. Dave knows what ingredients are necessary to increase your power and consistency.

Dave has worked with MLB, minor leaguers, college, high school and youth level players.

3.     Initial Evaluation: Our first video will be an analyzation of your swing mechanics. I will get a feel for what your strengths are along with areas that could use some polish.

4.     Appropriate drills will be shared with you that will help address the areas that will need improvements.

Sample Lesson Video Analysis

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Instructor: Dave Holt

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