Online Batting Lessons

"Home Run" Package
(2) Month 8-Week Session

Home Run Package: This is the most popular package and will help accelerate your training progressions.

You can have up to six (4) lessons per month and two (2) live phone, FaceTime or Skype live direct phone calls per month.

With this many lessons and live conversations with hitters it is very likely you will see improvement quickly and benefit from long term effects.

Which Package Do You Recommend?

Online Batting Lessons

Hitting Packages

The Double Package (1) Month 4-Week Session

The Double Package  This is a good starter for kids at any age to get the hitting process off on the right foot. It’s not too overwhelming and they will begin to see results during the season and off-season prep for the coming season.

 The Home Run Package (2) Month 8-Week Session

The Home Run Package The most popular choice for the more serious player who wants to really succeed in hitting for power and average. Recommended for kids who want to play past age 12 or are already playing on the 60/90’ ballfields.

 Grand Slam Package: (3) Month 12-Week Session

Grand Slam Package: There are a few rare kids who want to put in the time and work at baseball to excel higher than their peers. Sometimes we call them ‘Cage Rats’. You know how they call basketball players ‘Gym Rats’ because they are always sneaking in the gym to shoot the ball. Well ‘Cage Rats’ are baseball kids that are always finding their way to a batting cage to take swings.


Where Do We Shoot the Videos?

Game swings work well and would be first choice. But, don’t worry these all will give us plenty of video to work with:


  • Game Swings
  • Batting Practice Swings
  • Batting Tee Swings
  • Front toss Swings



What position or angle should I shoot the videos?


My recommendation is to position yourself so you are facing the hitters belly button (from the side) as much as possible and keeping safety in mind.

If you have a tee, a belly button shot is fairly safe.

SIDE NOTE: Make sure you are behind a net or fence while filming if the hitters are taking live swings off pitchers, coaches pitching, pitching machines, front toss, etc.


How many swings should be in each video?


Its best to see if you can get 2-3 consecutive swings on the same video clip. If you do send multiple video clips I will choose one clip to use in the lesson.


How long are we obligated for?

The Packages are monthly subscriptions billed each month and you stay as long as you want to. You can opt out at any time or you can also choose change to different packages at any time. When you change a package or decide you have mastered hitting then you can contact me ….


When will hear back from you with feedback?

We shoot for 1-2 business days to give you your analyzed lesson. Definitely we will be in touch within 3 business days.

    “I have known Dave for many years, he was raised in a baseball family, has played, coached & taught the game his entire life. Players would not only be taught how to execute the skills of the game through drills, but gain knowledge of the proper & right way the game should be played.

    This strength of Dave’s is what sets him apart from many other coaches & teachers lacking his knowledge & experience. .

    –Brad Mills – Cleveland Indians Bench Coach.

How Do We Sign-Up

You can choose and order your package below on the PayPal payment checkout. PayPal is safe and even if you don't use PayPal you can still run your payment as a guest.

After payment you will be sent to a contact info page to fill in some contact info so I can get in touch with you. 

Once I hear back from you then I will be in touch with you to get the ball rolling and start the hitting lesson process. 

Hitting Packages

Once you choose your lesson package and order is confirmed you will be sent to my sign-up page and we are good to Go!

I will be in touch and show you how to send your first video.

Sample Video Lesson Analysis

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"Double Package" Online Hitting Lessons


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