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Your season might be over or you might be getting ready for opening day. Or you might be struggling mid-season. Either way you might be a candidate for the One-Time Hitting analysis.

You just send me your swing video by text message or email and I will review the video and do an on-screen dissection with mark-ups and audio feedback with areas of your swing that need some polish.


Take advantage of my professional baseball coaching as I want to share with you what I have learned from some of the best hitters how ever played. I was mentored in the Boston Red Sox organization by HOF’s Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski, and Wade Boggs, along with many other MLB stars.


Parents: Sign up for the One-Time Video Swing Analysis and start to get your hitting game back on track (or jump started if you are slumping). Parents, this if your time to help give your child a boost in their hitting.


Baseball is a tough game to find success at times. Hitting is one area where you can really get enjoyment from the game. Kids who hit the ball hard, far and often tend to play the most, play the longest and have the most fun!


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Online Hitting Lesson

How Does Online Hitting Lessons Work?

One-Time Video Analysis 

Want to try and see how this will work for you? Go ahead and sign up for the One-Time Video lesson analysis. You can see how it works and most likely see some immediate results!

How do I pay billing?

You order and pay for a One-Time fee and have your video analyzed by Dave Holt. Its pretty easy and well worth the experience.

The Lesson packages are bundled as monthly reoccurring subscription payment. It is an advantage to get the most positive effectiveness to keep the interaction between the player and the instructor ongoing over a period of time.

The monthly subscription allows us to exchange videos and communications. If you do not utilize your monthly subscription to send video there will be no refunds for unused lessons.


What type of camera is best?

Digital cameras of any kind work fine. If you have an iPhone or something similar that’s all you need and you send the video right from the phone or tablet.


How do I send and receive the video files?

Its pretty easy. We use Coaches Eye software which makes is it simple to exchange video files. Text message and email is the easiest format to send me you video files.


How fast will we see results?

There is no way I can accurately say since each player is different. We will get right to work on any mechanical issues, but it all comes together more often when I have the time and opportunity to teach the proper mental approach.


Would it be better to have in-person lessons?

Not exactly. With video analysis you will get a real good understanding of what your ideal swing should look like. In addition, you will have the video feedback for you to go back to and review at any time.


Who is my instructor?

Dave Holt is former Boston Red Sox minor league player, manager, coach and instructor. Dave will be overseeing and handling your process throughout your training here. Dave’s study, knowledge and expertise in baseball will be very advantageous to your game.


Will exposure to Professional Baseball Training make a difference?

Ask yourself this, “What background, experience and training does your current, former and future coaches have? Pretty rare to find quality coaches with pro ball coaching experience like you have here.

How can I sign-up for online hitting lessons?

Click the online hitting lessons link here


How can I upgrade, cancel or renew my monthly subscription?

No problem, just email me at and let me know if you want to terminate or upgrade your monthly subscription.


How many months do we have to sign up for?

Your subscription is a monthly term. We have no minimum requirement for how long you stay signed up although the more months you are in the more information your player will get and the better results you are likely to gain.


Will we need any special equipment and facilities?

I highly recommend you have a tee, some baseballs, and a small hitting net. You can have this at home or use a local recreation facility. I can give you some ideas about low cost equipment to acquire for your home training.



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