Holt Baseball Teams

Summer 2018


The main goals are to:


1.     Teach these young men how to play baseball the right way

2.     Make a positive impact on them as young men

3.     Do all this with class


When: May, June, July (12 weeks)

  • Practice 2 days a week… At least 24 practices
  • Play 4-6 local tournaments
  • Play games against like-minded teams during the week
  • Play around 25-30 games
  • Ages: 13-14u & 15-16u

Who: Players who want to play the game the right way & reach their talent potential.

Fee: $695. Covers all expenses. (fund raising option is available)


Instructor: Dave Holt

Dave Holt: coach

 If you are serious you will want to read....


For My letter to parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help my son for post high school opportunities?

Very likely yes. If a player has talent, work ethic, loves the game, good grades, this summer program will help them enormously in their baseball development and provide some options for college baseball.

Can I play on another team during this program?

As long as our practices and games come first. You are not allowed to miss our events for an outside team.

What if we have a family event planned during this time?

Family always trumps sports. Nothing is more important than the family institution. Having said that, if you are going to miss an event please have the courtesy and respect to let the manager and coach know as soon as possible.

Who are the coaches?

The lead coach is Dave Holt. I will be conducting the practices and the majority of ball games. At times when multiple teams are playing simultaneously I will have an assistant managing the event. 

How does the fundraising work?

You will be able to raise money to offset your fee by participating in our online fundraiser. Through friends, family, co-workers you can bring your costs down significantly. You raise as much as you want and pay for all, or not. It is totally up to you and your family.

What does the fee cover?

The fees cover: Uniform top, cap, baseballs, umpires, coaching & instruction, field & facility rental, insurance, tournament entry fees.

NOTE: You provide baseball grey pants, belt, socks, gloves, catching gear, helmet, bats, practice gear.

Do we have to tryout?

There is an application process which includes skill evaluation.

Where will the games and practice be? times?

The practices will be twice weekly. One day a week on the field and one day a week at Holt Baseball Academy for specialty skills. Games and practice will be at local fields TBA. Times are around 6:00 - 9:00pm time frame.

Weekend games mostly on various Saturdays along with weekend tournaments TBA.

What are the practices like?

Practices is where we really get better. Lots of 'touches' (fielding, throwing, swings). Fast paced, team drills, action, get our work in, and usually have intra-squad games too when on field.

For a complete explanation please read....

My letter to parents

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