Join Our
'Player Development' Squad

Join our Fall Ball practice squad.

7 Weeks of twice per week practice.

Yes, we meet two times each week during the Fall season. Practices are at Holt Baseball Academy.

  • Full Practice area
  • Ball handling, fielding, throwing, pitching, hitting
  • baserunning, speed, agility, strength, conditioning
  • Baseball IQ
  • PRO coaching
  • Intangibles (character, adversity, handling failure, team work)
  • 21 hours of PRO coaching

Meet the Instructor

Best Players 
Can Hit it, Throw it, Handle it, & Field it

Yes the kids that can handle the ball, play ball handling positions, and can swing the bat...stay in the game longest.

Teams that throw it the best, catch it the best and hit it the best will win more games. 

PRO coaching + repetition = better players

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Fall Ball Info

Send me your info and I will be glad to share about our Fall Ball Squad.


Want to See Improvement?

Fall Ball is the time to Get Better

Our 7 Week program has been a huge success. Kids will learn PRO techniques not found in other youth baseball venues.

By the end of the Fall Ball season your kids

will be able to:

  • handle the ball better
  • transfer the ball out of the glove quicker
  • field grounders smoother
  • Throw like MLB fielders
  • turn double plays
  • have proper footwork 
  • hit using PRO power hitting methods
  • hit at a high level of confidence and agressiveness
  • approach hitting with a PRO mentallity
  • know basic pitching mechanics

Add to this a higher Baseball IQ, discussions on the 'intangibles' and dealing with failure/frustration and look out....huge improvement.

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Competitive Drills
Players Love to Compete

Youth players love to compete. In many of our drills there is a competitive component.

Usually a mini-competition game is tied into our practices.

This makes practice seem like it is not really practice. 

Fall Ball Squad Schedule
7 Weeks
Limited Space

Session I: Age 13-17  Monday & Wednesdays

Sept. 17th - Nov. 1st

6:30-8:00pm   7 Weeks

Fee: $247

*Meets every Monday and Wednesday for 90 minutes.


Session II: Age 10-12  Tuesdays & Thursdays

Sept 18th - November 1st

6:30 - 8:00pm for 7 weeks

Fee: $247

*Meets every Tuesday and Thursday for 90 minutes.


Session III: Ages 8-9 Fridays

Sept. 21 - Nov 2nd

6:00- 7:30 for 7 Weeks

Fee: $119

*Meets every Friday for 90 Minutes

Limited Roster Spots
Sign-Up Info
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1. Download and print the registration form

2. Or Pick up the registration form at Holt Baseball Academy

3. Payment options: Pay here on PayPal, or check or cash paid at Holt Baseball Academy

4. Scan and email your registration form to holtbaseball24@gmail.com

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Fall Ball Training Squad

What Others say

"I really like your 7 week format. This gives the kids coaching and reps over a longer practice period and we see dramatic improvement." Christina

"I don't know what you told Sam last week in camp, but yesterday he lined a triple in the gap in right center and a double down the right field line. Drove in two runs, too. Both were solid line shots. Also, he threw a rifle to third from CF to get a runner trying to reach third on catchers overthrow. Tom L. from Summerville