Batting Cages
Holt Baseball Training Center
820 Central Ave 'D' Summerville
843 737-4458

Team & Small Group Daily Rates

Want To Raise Your Fun-Level?

Reserve the batting cages for your team or group. One of the low country's premier baseball & softball indoor training facilities. Conveniently located in Summerville at the heart of Dorchester county. 

Featuring three fully equipped live cages including pitching protective screens, soft-toss catch nets, batting tees, baseballs and pitching machine.

Climate controlled indoor baseball and softball training facility. Located just a minute from Summerville's historic downtown district. 

Professional baseball instructor on site. 

Bring Your Team 
Batting Cages at Holt Baseball Training Center

Our facility is set up to allow baseball and softball teams and small groups maximize the player's and coaches practice time. Teams and groups may rent the batting cages by reservation at an affordable cost.

Teams and groups can practice hitting, pitching and fielding during their reservation sessions. 

Players can get plenty of reps in during their sessions in a modern indoor training facility. 

Why Reserve the Batting Cages?
Increase the Fun-Level

  • It is hard to fit enough practice in during the week of a season. With tow or three ballgames a week the all-important practice time often gets forgotten about.

  • Often practice fields are difficult to come by. It is virtually impossible to find consistent practice fields to use.

  • Bad weather happens which makes indoor practice a great benefit.

  • Fully equipped baseball training facilities include the proper equipment to aid players and coaches to provide plenty of reps in a short amount of time.

  • Its fun to hit, throw and pitch the ball and sometimes we need to just go play and have fun!

Best Scenario
Group/Team Instruction

The best situation for your players is the cage rental along with professional instruction. You get group hitting or pitching instruction and cage practice reps.

Professional baseball instructor Dave Holt works with your entire team on the finer points of the game that are commonly missing in youth baseball coaching.

Take advantage of professional baseball instruction and watch your kids get IMMEDIATE improvement. 

  • You get a group instruction session by pro instructor.
  • Work in small groups getting reps.
  • Pro instructor with your players the entire session
  • INSTANTLY improvement in your players.
  • Affordable team rates.
  • Help your players increase their FUN-Factor
  • Kids who hit hard, far, and often have more FUN.

ONE HOUR: Team Hitting with Professional Instruction

One Hour: $95.00

90 Minutes: $125

Click Here to Download Rental Agreement

Team Instruction

Individual, Team & Small Group Batting Cage Rental

*Reservations must be made in advance.

*Discounts for multiple reservations

Call 737-4458 or come by and make a reservation.


Text: 559 303-73 two nine

How to Reach Coach Dave
call 737-4458 or

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Monday - Friday            3:00 -  7:30

Saturday                      10:00 - 4:00

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